Tim Willits

July 31 in the U.S. city of Dallas started the festival QuakeCon 2008, entirely devoted to games of id Software. This year the event has aroused among journalists and ordinary gamers a special interest, and not difficult to guess that it is expected see all those present. See have not seen, but heard plenty full. For the series with a 15-year history of DooM, if we take into account the original version, it looks pretty fresh to this day. Perhaps that is why (John Carmack) in one of interview at QuakeCon 2008 has put an equal sign between 4 and DooM DooM2, speaking on gameplay filled fourth. What does this mean? And that means that id Software is developing blooded shooter a la Painkiller or Serious Sam2 with crowds of monsters, a large selection weapons, hurricane dynamics, as well as the complete absence of young girls and skewed zombies popping up from the toilet stalls. Multiplayer mode – one of the priorities which will be given as much time and funds, and how many ‘single’.

According to Carmack, the plan DooM 4, of course, can not compete with the highly networked Quake Live, but show a great progress compared with its predshesvennikom and Quake 4. Do not forget the founder of id Software to repeat and what to say at the last E3 2008: Fourth DooM is three times as detailed than the other projects – Rage, despite the fact that in both games is based on one core id Tech 5. His contribution to the formation of news has made another employee, Tim Willits (Tim Willits). Talking to journalists, said id Software designer working status name DooM 4 and did not rule out the possibility that one day may take place numbers any subtitle.

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