Tips for Success

In the treatment of the people with respect the confidence gains and lasting relations are developed. This is what it becomes. 1) To arrive in time. In fact, to arrive early at the appointments and meetings. It spends a time to his daily schedule that will say to him when to begin to transfer to an appointment. That is to say, to consider when it is stopped working in a task, will begin the harvesting of materials of resources, and to begin to travel. It gives time to cover the delays in the trips, mainly if it leads. It considers the following thing: The fastest form to destroy the confidence of the town is to waste the time.

2) To communicate with the others. It answers the telephone and the telephone calls. It listens carefully and completely when people speak of you. To show interest in the others before saying on itself. When realising telephone calls dedicate all their attention to which the other person is saying (instead of to share time with other tasks, such as to review the electronic mail or to play computer games).

It will be able to follow telephone conversation when it can dedicate all their attention to which the other person is saying. It considers the following thing: to ignore people is crude and little professional. 3) the projects of the Plan. For example, always it prepares an agenda for the meetings. Pngase in contact with the main participants before the meeting to listen to its points of view, to ask for suggestions for the subjects of the program, and a? l trainer on the way to prepare for the meeting. Sufficiently to send agendas before the meeting so that people have time to prepare themselves. She considers the following thing: bad meetings demonstrate an incapacity for the leadership. 4) He is courteous. To look for the good of all. It congratulates to the others. It avoids the fury startings or to listen to gadgets. To ridicule, to insult or never to make fun of of other people. It uses positive words, always speaking than it wants and how it wants that the things are. To avoid to suggest reasons or the allocation for the action judgments of other people and points of view. It considers the following thing: damages by impoliteness, breaks all the relations. 5) To help the others. He is a mentor for just arrived. It shares ideas. It teaches to people the abilities that will help them to excel. It works with an abundance spirit. It looks for to win/to gain results. It leaves others speak first of all, even in questions in which you are an expert. To give first without associating a receipt in exchange for favors. It considers the following thing: The egoistic people end up working more duro. Original author and source of the article.

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