Ultimately, you should have just as well. It is clear that no additional sealing slide is not necessary, but must simply leave a hole the same diameter as it was originally. Let us meditate on the theme, how painless for the cartridge to pull these pins. Seen, for example, as a small lyuchi sverlyshkom, made two holes on either side of hairpin and pulled out her clippers. Have the option of sharp objects to make incisions in the body of the cartridge on the sides of the studs, and also pull the pin pliers. Absolutely no good way to tear off the blue sticker hp do housing hole and fill the toner, and then tape to seal the hole. I prefer the way a little rough, but on the cartridge, from the outside, does not remain even a trace of what it refueled.

I put the cartridge upright on a table edge. Why the edge? Because this cartridge has two lugs which, when it in the printer, open the shutter on the drum and if the needle break, then the shutter opens. Take the awl and hammer and hammered stud inside cartridge. Here too we must remember that you have no goals to break the cartridge, and the goal is to drive the pin inward, so that it does not interfere cartridge. Doing this procedure on the one hand and a second cartridge. Then pin can be easy to get, as shown in Figure 3. Figure 3: Before you will be two parts of the cartridge.

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