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Much people believe that the games are harmful for the children and adolescent young that passes hours the wire consoles grasped it or in the Internet to play, but the harmful games will be all or had been able the games to also contribute for the cognitivo development of the same ones? One of the biggest problems nowadays with innumerable children is related with laziness to reason or mere not to obtain to concentrate itself in simple tasks. Thus the performance in the school is very inferior to the waited one and the intellectual development of these children is sufficiently wronged. One of the solutions is sufficiently original, and can be applied of a very simple form and without confusions for the children. This solution inhabits in games online that they promote the solution of enigmas and that they develop the reasoning of a playful and almost imperceptible form for the children. Online has sufficient games that they contribute for this improvement, exactly some livened up drawings has educative games, the children play something who like while they have fun themselves and learn the same time. Games as Sudoku, Magical Cube, Labyrinth, and many others of gnero, can help the children to assimilate techniques of memorization, concentration and space logical reasoning, abstracto and in an original, pleasant way and extremely amused. This type of games meets online and many could have been played of gratuitous form, they are an excellent alternative new them to pass some time online of beneficial form, and to contribute for its intellectual development. The educative Games facilitate and stimulate the learning of play who them through the interaco since They stir up to the resolution of some problems and enigmas allowing to the user to think and to stimulate its cognitivas capacities, literacia, as well as developing its motor and reflexiva coordination. In the Top Online Games you find all the types of games to play online of form gratis. It comes to try the Games of Soccer, Games of Cars or Games of Shots between many others.

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