Total Productive Maintenance

With the diffusion of the computers, the reinforcement of the National Associations of Maintenance and the sophistication of the instruments of protection and measurement, the Engineering of Maintenance started to develop more sophisticated criteria of Maintenance Based on Conditions, these had been joined the automatized systems of planning and control, reducing the bureaucratic services of the executants of Maintenance. These activities had caused the dismemberment of the Engineering of Maintenance that started to have two teams: of studies of chronic occurrences and of Planning and the Control of Maintenance? PCM, this last one with the purpose to develop, to implement and to analyze the results of the maintenance services, being used itself a informatizado system as support tool. At the beginning of years 70, the envolvement was taken in question of the aspects of costs in the process of management of the Maintenance, that was known as Terotecnologia. This technique considered the capacity to combine the financial resources, studies of trustworthiness, technique-economic evaluations and methods of management, in order to get cycles of life of the less dispendiosos equipment each time. The terotecnologia concept is the base of current ' ' Maintenance Centered in the Negcio' ' , where the aspects of costs guide the decisions of the area of Maintenance and its influence in the strategical decisions of the companies. This new position is fruit of the new challenges that if present for the companies in this new scene of a globalizada and highly competitive economy, where the changes if succeeds in high speed and the maintenance, as one of the basic activities of the productive process, it needs to be an proactive agent. (Kardec, 2002). Still in the decade of 1970 the Japanese had created the Total Productive Maintenance? TPM, Total Productive Maintenance, involving idle the productive cycle of operation for execution of maintenance routines allowing the mantenedor to be part of the analyses of the Engineering of Maintenance.

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