Tourist Industry

This will be useful and to improve their inform the future work, and for the formation of the corporate spirit. Face of business – office Essentially, a travel agency – a shop, more boutique. Therefore, the premise for it selects the appropriate – in a crowded and rather prestigious location. Your office should call the clients confidence: still alive the memory of those times when the travel agent to collect money and disappear. It is therefore very important to show that you are working a long time and without complaint. Of course, the need placed in a beautiful frame and hang on the walls of licenses, certificates and other documents.

It will not hurt and self-promotion. One of my friends pasted one of the walls in the office resort photos of friends with slogans like: "Thanks for great vacation. 12/07/1997. And the visitors got the impression that a company with a long history. It is important to take into account the psychology of customers. A person who buys a ticket to the five-star hotel in Bali, the more credibility will company operating in the tastefully furnished office.

A poorer customers often gorgeous design, by contrast, pushes. – One of my colleagues working in the suburbs, not consciously in my office old "shovels" office tables and chairs. While it is certainly extreme, – says Paul observations hops. Tourist Industry – one of the most advanced in terms of information technology. Therefore, the job of every manager must be equipped modern computer.

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