Unusual Restaurant

Imagine that you have decided to open his own restaurant. Do you have a starting capital for the opening of the business and a great desire to create something special, new, unique and memorable. If you have read about steve houghtaling already – you may have come to the same conclusion. We offer you the business idea high-tech restaurant, seasoned in the selected style. Business idea for a restaurant in our restaurant (let's call it Carte blanche), each table is equipped with a touchscreen menu "(sensory information terminal, which mounted, for example, the table surface), through which the visitor can find a list of dishes, their photographs and details, maybe even with rollers and commentary from the chef. This way of feeding information will help the client not to make mistakes when choosing meals and excite his appetite. You can equip the Touch menus do not all the restaurant tables, but tables or vip-vip-halls. Order this table, respectively, may be more expensive than for other tables. If the restaurant has a camera surveillance, then using the touch screen, the visitor could watch over the safety of your car. Design by touch menu, depending on your desire, the terminal can be mounted on a table or wall, or placed on a table so that it can be rotated. There are a variety of performance, painting and finishing buildings terminals. Together with you we will develop design concept for a touch terminal and a menu that is not just perfectly fit into the interior of the restaurant of your dreams, but also complements it perfectly. Customer interaction and e-menu simply by touching the visitor can get any interesting information about the restaurant's menu, its history, the chef.

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