Welcomedesk.com, Just Use A Large Reception For Your Customers

Welcomedesk simplifies and automates the welcoming of guests and customers in enterprises. This innovative software for visitor management, provides a surprising reception. Welcomedesk.com, just use a large reception for your customers a new product simplifies and automates the welcoming of guests and customers in enterprises. Welcomedesk is an innovative software for visitor management, which simply provides a surprising reception. Communication is today dominated by Visual media that can be simply and effectively inserted. Digital signage is one of these forms, distribute the advertising messages or information there, where they are seen. Each pixel a bull’s-eye.

Welcomedesk is located automatically modern companies receive their guests and customers with a personal address on a screen at the entrance. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from ConocoPhillips. The company Codecentric has designed an innovative solution from Allschwil. Welcomedesk enables an automatic greeting, is easy to use, safe and changeable. In contrast to other digital signage solutions, the Welcomedesk requires special hardware nor software. Only requirements are a Web browser and a calendar program like iCal or Outlook. The product is unique because it works with the CalDav Protocol. The software is controlled by your usual calendar program. Employees need only a brief introduction.

Any hardware can be used to represent: Mac, PC, UNIX/Linux, or digital signage LCD. Also, the security is guaranteed at all times, because the data with 128-bit SSL encryption is transferred and also stored encrypted. Futurist has many thoughts on the issue. Expandable for Twitter or RSS feeds of the Welcomedesk adapts to your needs. With plugins, RSS feeds, Twitter messages can be viewing pictures or videos on the screen. In addition, the simple HTML 5, JavScript, and CSS template framework allows any modification. Welcomedesk is a low-cost automated solution. A digital handshake with personality. So that customers and Guests will feel welcome and a relaxed atmosphere. Codecentric GmbH Codecentric GmbH is a small software company from Allschwil BL with 3 employees, among whose founders include Simon Jenny, co-founder of Genotec AG.

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