What Spindle Hours

? The time zone is an area of the Earth’s surface between two meridians of form of semicircles that make union between the North and South poles, each of these meridians measuring 15 degrees longitude. They are named because they have form of spindle or slice of Orange. ?Currently each time zone area, adapted to regional boundaries or international borders to be more consistent with commercial activities, and also marked winter time and summer time, giving as a result the better use of sunlight. We observed in total 24 zones, whose starting point is the Greenwich Meridian in England, to begin to count them. These 24 zones are divided into 12 time zones to the East and 12 time zones to the West of the Prime Meridian, from this eastward will add an hour per zone (spindle) and subtracted an hour to the West.

Know that the timezone is something fixed for some countries, there are others that applied this time change twice a year, in winter and summer, and its main objective is the save energy. This change of time began to adopt during the first world war. Spain is one of the countries that applies two different time zones per year, this measure is executed since 1974, his last regulation has been adapted according to the directive European 2000/84, which among other provisions this directive consolidates the days in all countries of the European Union, which applied the changes of time, taking into account that these changes last Domingo de Marzo and again change in October, respectively. Argentina since this 2011 your timezone will happen to be UTC-3 all year, without the use of daylight saving time. In Chile because of what happened recently with the 2010 earthquake, winter time is UTC-4 and is in daylight saving time UTC-3. In winter time in Chile is UTC-4 and is in daylight saving time UTC-3. Colombia since November 1992 went from UTC-5 to UTC-4.This measure was known informally known as time Gaviria, lasted for eleven months. Since then, Colombia has not returned to adopt daylight saving time, but given the possibility of an energy crisis in 2011, it is feasible to be restored the daylight saving time in this country, this measure would be taken to save energy and if that is achieved, for the 2013 volveria without any novelty.

Costa Rica your timezone is fixed, does not change for summer or winter, and is – 6 with respect to Greenwich mean time, like the rest of the Central American countries such as Guatemala, Honduras, Salvador and Nicaragua. Panama is of – 5 Mexico according to the geographical area in which their States are, it has different time zones. If it is your interest further information that governs timezone in your country or city, visit this link where other cities are exposed. Original author and source of the article.

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