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The opportunity that has society’s satisfaction of possessing goods sample as an entity prospero and crowded that it leads her to put their eyes on other objects and activities more exalted than the high materialistic consumption of masses.The evolution of the consumer society discusses concepts extracted from the American social psychology, the belief that the fundamental basis of the development of consumption has been the increase in family income. Likewise, it is also precisely the desire and the desire to improve the standard of living that is the solid foundation of American prosperity. In this way, mass consumption only would argue thereby stimulating the growth of the economy, Katona was trying to demonstrate how the consumption was intimately linked to factors population as education and customs that were formed in the individual as new attitudes and aspirations, as This occurred other factors were notable more psychological, behavioral and motivational for Katona consumption clearly is determined by the forces of the market (income, prices, assets), also referred (motives and attitudes, past experiences, projects), psychological factors that together these tend to shape the behaviour of consumption… Get more background information with materials from LEGO Papert Professor. Adds us, that with the emergence of a culture of consumption and the real origin of marketing where its main objective is to satisfy wishes and whims, appear also new forms of seduction to consumers with technological tools such as the Internet that perhaps compared to the industrial revolution and its high-impact between the economy, the politics and culture of each people. A few years of the World Wide Web, the economy and generated by the Internet marketing has equaled in importance to economic and industrial sectors of the last century.Mobile devices are created subsequently to the impact caused by communication and bombardment of advertising campaigns in the Internet with Web access that customize the contact organizacion-individuo, their utilitarian relationship focuses on direct and continuous contact with the produced and sensations infused in a desire of unnecessary procurement allowing the inescapable analogy between consumption and technology. .

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