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Saint Peter Apostle

When he refused to offer a sacrifice to the gods claiming that he was Christian, something forbidden at that time, the Roman judges decided to give him time to reflect; However, a few days later Theodore entered at night in the Temple of Cybele Amasea (Turkey) in and caught fire, destroying it completely. The patience of judges was depleted, and Teodoro was sentenced to death. Gives us Wikipedia about it, St. Theodore was the first patron of Venice, until he was deposed in the early 9th century. With the power of the Byzantine Empire in remarkable decline, the Venetians decided to have as standard a Greek Saint wasn’t too reasonable. At the same time, Rome extended its influence under the protection of Saint Peter Apostle, father of the Church. So some Venetian merchants devised a risky plan: they traveled to Egypt and stole the relics of San Marcos, camouflaging the mortal remains of the Evangelist among pieces of pork so that the Muslims could not discover them. And that was how in the year 828 San Marcos became the patron of Venice, where a luxurious basilica in his honour was erected.

In the 12th century it was transferred his body to Brindisi, and he is there honored as patron, the head is enshrined at Gaeta. There are Churches bearing his name in Constantinople, Jerusalem, Damascus, and other places of the ancient Christian East. An ancient Church of San Teodoro in Venice is said to have been founded by Narses. The Church was then demolished when the basilica of San Marcos was expanded. At the foot of the Palatine Hill in Rome is a very old church, dedicated to San Teodoro and circular shape, whom the Roman village called San Toto, who was made a collegiate church by Pope Felix IV in the celebration of the week made famous masses, events with concerts.

Editorial Dunken

Its existence was idyllic until the boredom, but suddenly something happened. While watching the passing clouds that the wind dragged, that kinetic movement was even more evident its condition static, his mother came into the room and said to him:-Roberto, today are coming your friends to find you. ANDA to shave so you’re ready and not do them to expect when they arrive. Roberto went to the bathroom. Before taking the razor he looked in the mirror. He felt confused; I didn’t know if he was of flesh and bone that looked at the mirror, or emaciated image reflected in it, none of the two seemed to have soul; He finally took the Shaver and be shaved.

He did so with mechanized movement, following a learned routine for some time. At the end was washed your face with cold water, have been hot I would have not noticed the difference. Then he sat on the couch in the living room to wait to reach his friends. When he saw the vehicle always stop outside the door of his house, he addressed it. But, after traveling some blocks, he realized that were not his friends.

So, Roberto began to scream: help, me kidnap!.The companion prepared a dose of a sedative and injected it. Before the drugs took effect, Roberto ran out of the interior of the vehicle. Passenger pursued him behind, caught up with him and they wrestled, until both hands of Roberto were closed on the neck of the passenger. When the driver arrived at the scene of the fact, his teammate not already breathed. In the trial which was held a few months later, the ambulance driver said that he saw as the patient transported to the neuropsychiatric killed the nurse. First published in the anthology Juntacuentos, Editorial Dunken. Buenos Aires, 2006.

Ramon Gallegos

This becomes experience as universal love, as us free from ego and the narcissism allows us to relate to all beings and feel a genuine unconditional interest in their welfare, we feel related to the totality of the kosmos revered the sacred in everything. This nature by its qualities gives us spiritual intelligence capacity where its three main components care, ethics and wisdom, synthesize their attributes. This is the model the spiritual intelligence transcends and surpasses the emotional and rational intelligence, but includes them, and in the following diagram, we see the qualities of each one of them. The two lower intelligences are good in their fair dimension, necessary and important in every one of them, but the human being is integral, not separate, so his being is destined to be in drive, the problem is that as we saw above, mechanistic education separates the constituents of the human being and treats it in a fragmented manner. No treated fragmented the human being is the goal of the HD, and the unique intelligence according to this is spiritual intelligence by their attributes and capabilities of the Dr. Ramon Gallegos draws the following: ability to be happy despite circumstance capacity of inner peace and equanimity capacity of universal love ability to live to serve ability to face and overcome the suffering capacity to be independent and autonomous capacity to solve problems of meanings and values ethical conduct ability to focus capacity in the because things judgment ability to live in a wider context of meanings ability to learn to be the entire holistic integration capability and add these master Ramon Gallegos Nava.

It is better to love than hate. The truth is that the lie is better. The good that evil is better. ES better knowledge than ignorance. It is better to give than to receive. The peace that violence is better.

Driver Assistance Systems

Parking radars are mandatory position in the arsenal of accessories cars of those owners who care about the safety and comfort in driving. These ultrasonic sensors, installed in the bumper, simplify life for both novice and experienced drivers. Continued development of the concept of parking radar system began with the driver when parking (park assist system), which are arranged so that information from sensor comes in standard on-board information system, reducing the risk of undetected critical situation. Until now, such systems were available only to owners of expensive complete cars. But now ural offers a similar solution – to all motorists, regardless of class car! Parking radar brand ural integrated into standard audio information system and can be connected to all modern head units ural CDD-Evolution series with the function onboard computer. Scope of supply includes four ultrasonic sensors and a system unit that extends the platform on-board computer CD/MP3-resivera. Distance to obstacles displayed SD/MP3-resivera and functions through the head unit can be configured "on the taste" styles alerting signals and their associated distances. Another important factor can be adjusted sensitivity of ultrasonic sensors.

Parking radar is activated automatically when reverse gear, the definition of the nearest obstacle just happens automatically. The main advantages of systems help the driver when parking ural are substantially lower price compared with separately supplied to the market sets parking sensors, and no need to install additional indicator in the cabin vehicle, information that often leaves much to be desired. ural always shows the exact distance in inches rather than "conventional strips. The sensor can capture an obstacle at a distance up to 2,5 m! Indication and control is carried out with the usual driver device – radio, analogous to setting the clock, or search for radio stations. Parking radar ural adapted to the uptime in Russian climatic conditions, are not afraid of high humidity and high pollution of the environment of megacities. If you do not want the sensors are allocated to the general background color car, they can be coated with a thin layer of paint appropriate color. Parking radars are easy to install and operate. High build quality and components manufacturer warranty! Specifications: Rated voltage: 12 V Operating voltage: 10,5 – 16 V Current consumption max: 70 mA Detection range obstacles: 0,3 – 2,5 m Ultrasound frequency: 40 Operating temperature range: -30 / +40 C Diameter sensor : 21 mm

Reflections Life

Prem Rawat on the way to the fullness there is doubt or guilt. Once you exceed the indecision, that you accept inner beauty, you’ve already taken the trip. Prem Rawat reminder, which Prem Rawat (Maharaji) began teaching at the age of 4 years and officially took over the Mission of his father to spread this knowledge, at the age of 8 years. With a modest beginning in the North of India, Maharaji has led the possibility of inner peace to the consciousness of millions of people around the world. Prem Rawat part of the base that this existence is perfect and complete and that we, human beings, that we have lost that perception.

According to him, everything that we are trying to achieve in our life through multiple methods that we apply, can be simply summarized in that, we want to feel good, satisfied, beloved, at peace the reason of our search would be, according to this approach, we need those pleasant and well-being sensations and also suspect that there are at somewhere. So says Prem Rawat: they exist and have always existed and what is better, closer than we think us themselves simply we no longer perceive them. We do not perceive something does not exist, as you know those who manufactured televisions and radios, or with a closest example, who want to cross a street in London and look in the wrong direction. What Prem Rawat proposed through his teachings, is learn to enhance and redirect our perception that, again, we recover the forgotten wonderful sensations. Made us full say. Everything is fine. Are our eyes that were closed down and we began to dream that something we lacked, and following this collective dream/nightmare we had to live and manage our personal, family, national, international, global life and if there is life on other planets they are lucky that we have not managed to reach them because if not, we also gobernariamos them on the basis of our false assumption: The most important thing we are missing and we must invent it.

Argentina Republic

Argentina, beyond the initial euphoria that followed those ads, does not easy negotiations. With the Club of Paris, still not have reached agreement on how much is the amount to be paid (there is a difference of close to US $1,200 million), while the bondholders are suspicious and thats what you have said those who are part of the Argentina Republic savers Association (AARA). The search for a solution to the existing debt with the Paris Club and the holdouts, is only a necessary condition to gain access to international financial markets. But they are not the only ones to gain access to a reasonable rate. The control of inflation, transparency in the statistics and greater economic predictability are other conditions that markets impose him on the Argentina to return to accept it. Against the constraints imposed on the Argentina from the markets external, the possibility that a sensitive exchange rate devaluation occurs appears as something remote. So far, the best can do the Argentine Government in terms of competitiveness is working on price stability since the front comes the main deterioration of exchange-rate competitiveness.

At these times, it gives the feeling of a nominal exchange rate devaluation does not solve the problem of competitiveness of the economy. Call competitiveness through improvements in productive efficiency, elimination of distortions and better infrastructure, among other aspects. Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner’s Government should work in these aspects if it wants to improve the country’s competitiveness. We are again tomorrow, Horacio Pozzo Autor original and source of the article.

Ernesto Guevara

Return to the road that will take you to Las Tunas. It is now less than 25 km from it, where will arrive after passing aside of the Hermanos Ameijeiras airport. In the city you can stay in the Hotel Island blue Las Tunas, category two stars, located in the Loma de Peralejo. Is located in the cast Finlay, in the December 2nd Avenue, between the square of the Revolution and the hospital Ernesto Guevara. The next day, already installed in the hotel, you can visit the city. It is not very large and its most interesting places can be visited in two days. It is common to see are some interesting sculptures scattered throughout the city, reason why to Las Tunas is known as the city of the sculptures. Start by visiting the museums and parks.

The Museo provincial major General Vicente Garcia Gonzalez is built in the historic centre of the city, where stood the first House of the former population. Is beautiful and eclectic style. His visit is interesting as it has, in its older halls, exhibitions of Numismatic type, decorative arts and natural sciences. Its smaller halls are dedicated to conferences, concerts and other linked applications to develop the knowledge of local history. Another place of interest related to the wars of independence is the Vicente Garcia Memorial, erected in the birthplace of this Patriot, destroyed by fires in which the city was involved during the independence wars and rebuilt in the last decade of the last century. In its rooms everything about its history is exposed during the ten years ‘ war. The architectural structure of this Memorial has as a feature which, in its main hall, shows the footprint of the original floor, while the courtyard of the House, the exhibition halls and Multipurpose Hall preserved colonial architecture. The historic center has a system of interesting places.

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