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Ubuntu Windows

Following the entry a single Grub for all your Linux of the wonderful blog of FORAT, which explains how to create entries by hand in GRUB when you install multiple operating systems and you want to keep the original GRUB, I will let me for once disagree with him and put my way of doing this by writing here, I think it is a little easier and so I’ll give the example of Windows XP. When you have installed Linux and XP on the same machine, what we have in the MBR is the Manager of GRUB bootloader, and within this a title such as for example XP input. If edit that entry (by pressing e) from GRUB, we see these lines: root (hd0, 0) chainloader + 1 makeactive these lines what they do is pass control to the Manager the XP boot, which rather than being in the MBR is partition 1, hence the (hd0, 0). Therefore can do same for linux. Does put us in a typical scenario: 1? partition hda1 > Windows XP (with your bootloader partition hda1 2? partition) makeactive chainloader + 1 then just below enters it for Windows XP create a new for our Debian: title Debian Lenny root (hd0, 2) chainloader + 1 makeactive save, and restart and load GRUB from the MBR that of Ubuntu, will leave us three innings Ubuntu Windows XP Debian Lenny if pressed Debian Lenny does is charging us the hda3 partition Debian GRUBClick in the kernel by default and ready. I see you 2 advantages to this method: you can install several operating systems, having the GRUB that we like in the MBR, and through this charge the GRUB of other operating systems. We don’t have to worry about updates. If you exit a new debian kernel and updates the GRUB does not pass anything, it does us well.

The other way, we would have to return to editing the menu.lst with the new kernel. Although everything is of course improvable. I accept suggestions and criticisms.

Web Hosting

Web Hosting or web hosting is necessary so that your files can be made available on the internet, so that a website or blog is visible on the internet requires this is uploaded to a server such as a hosting service. It is recommended to pay attention to features that offer you the web hosting company, such as reliability, platform type, the available space, monthly transfer space, the amount of email accounts electronic, among others. Hosting account types most common are: Shared Hosting or Hosting CompartidoComo its name implies, this type of plans multiple users share web space which reduces costs but also quality of service these plans are ideal to start but in the future is advisable to move to a VPS Hosting or a dedicated server depending on the traffic and the needs of each website or blog. Virtual private (VPS Hosting) servers among their advantages are greater privacy, improved performance and better security, ensuring also good resources of memory RAM, processor, etc. Dedicated servers DedicadosLos servers have capacity for support great amount of traffic, if you have a large website you ever a moment when you need dedicated servers whose entire income of a server ensures greater performance, operation facilities optimum and great reliability by its users. Within the platforms offered for this service, and whose election depends directly on the needs that the contractor has, are: WindowsHospedaje Web based on Linux-based Web hosting. Both have features specific that you should check before deciding which type of hosting contract for your web page. Some hosting companies launch promotions in order to capture more members, I recommend to be attentive to this so get web hosting at low cost, for example in with coupon: hostgratis you get web hosting for $0.01 the first month (coupon without expiration date) you will find more information about various promotions in domains and hosting visiting my blog where also you will find topics related to businesses over the internet and how to make money online..

SAS Data

The dishes of the disc. To increase the capacity of the drive, most of the hard drive contains two or more disks. The disks, which are often called dlatos, are mounted around an axis called the spindle. All dishes revolve at the same time. The motor that spins the dishes can be attached or incorporated into the spindle, or can be found below the spindle in the form of large diameter flat engine. Both sides of the dish contain data. Since it would be impractical for a read/write head to serve to all sides of the dishes, each face of the plate has its own head. As heads of are grouped in a frame in the form of comb that moves all heads at the same time.

The accuracy of this mechanism is impressive. Dishes and heads must match precisely at each position track, found placed each head to only a hundredthousandth of an inch from the surface of the dish. This very precise geometry is maintained while the light heads move back and forward across the surface of the dishes, which spin at high speed. Really high-tech heads can be so close to the dishes, without touching them, since they actually fly over the surface of a stream of air created by the rotation of the disc.! Heads slowly rise when the unit is turned on and gently landing when the power is cut and the dishes will be reducing its speed until it stops. When the unit is not operating, heads resting on the surface of the disc. Disk drives are connected to the motherboard IDE port, so when reading data from the surface of the disc, these passed since heads through own disc circuits, until the controller circuits. As we will see later, not all disk drives need a controller card that serves as an intermediary between the unit and the computer. Data sent from the surface of the disc until the controller card arrive to a buffer, a small area of memory that acts as a temporary storage for the data area.

Once the data have been transferred to the buffer, the controller sends a signal to the microprocessor so that it starts to transfer data to memory chips. Data recovery Recover hard drive data recovery company from HDD, Maxtor, Fujitsu, Hitachi, Toshiba, Quantum, Western Digital, Samsung, Seagate, IBM. Specialized in operating systems Windows Vista, XP 95 98 ME, Unix, Linux, MAC OS X, Novell. Interfaces SCSI, IDE, ATA, SATA, SAS, USB, RAID, laptop, external. Data recovery Hard disk recovery Source of the article and original author data recovery

The Text

Rotation of the message of knowledge and memory to independent search and co-operation efforts. Turn from the work of more than achievers to work with all students. Turn to the significant increase in the activity of students. Project-based learning and co-operation significantly increases the activity of each student of his employment, the degree of comprehension of the material. Rotation of mastering all students the same material to different students' mastery of different material. Training in creative : development through creativity, learning through discovery.

Involving children in creative activities in the learning process: discussion, self-creating products of labor, imagination, writing and speaking, work on teaching and research projects, and others. The method of empathy (personal method of analogy). The ability to put yourself in the shoes of the hero or heroine Problem-solving training. Based on the creation of a teacher of problem situations and self-seeking options for their solutions: 1.Creation problem situations; 2.formirovanie hypotheses permit; 3. solutions to the systematization of the information received. The main condition – the presence of motivation of students. Turn from traditional lessons to non-traditional forms and methods of the lesson.

This may be a lesson: the auction, an essay on the biology, business game, press conference, debate, public review of knowledge, tournament, relay race, a seminar, debate, travel, set-off game, and others. Of particular interest are ways to work with the textbook: reproductive-Bot (a plan, plans, notes, the text), Comparative (tables, charts, drawings) and creative (text with errors, tests, crossword puzzles, ). Given set of conditions for the proper organization of responsible and active forms of learning methods, in particular gaming. Game – is an activity in situations designed to reconstruction of social experience, which develops and improves self-management behavior. Applying game as a form of (methodological procedure) learning, the teacher must be sure whether it use. He defines the problem the game, according to the educational process, its content, constitutes a plan of its reference, implying a specific sequence and the gradual complication of the game. At the same time should recognize the group playing a whole and its individual members. Every training game solves a specific task feasible for its participants. I often spend my lessons in the form of intellectual casinos. Develop ability to apply knowledge in a precarious situation, the ability to highlight the main theme in the study, students go to the blackboard, and finally – a break away from the notebook. Finally, the active form of training is really stepping up independent thinking of students. To do this in a certain direction to restructure the learning process, training methodology, so that commonly engage students in independent cognitive activity assimilation of new knowledge and apply them in practice. Classes in the traditional scheme of "explanation – the consolidation of" limit the ability of the successful preparation of students for life, the formation of their creativity, initiative, skills of self-enhancing their knowledge and focus in the rapid flow of information.

Internet Freedom

All computer users at least once roamed the Internet, visiting different sites, or just walking across the expanses of the Internet, did not think about that all we leave traces of their presence online in almost each site, as it were a business card that lists a lot of information about us and even the country in which we operate, we are in at the moment and of course the hacker is not difficult to know what you use to surfing the Internet and much more. You've probably faced with the fact that many sites require that your browser cookies are enabled (this is they contain a lot of information about us), and sites requiring them justified by claiming it to a convenient service for you and me, maybe it's true, but good intentions paved the road to hell. Paranoia you say, but what if this site is fake or worse, he had no bona fide owner, and it can specifically created as a trap for us and then we will get you cookies in the wrong hands and you can expect anything. As a result, many Internet sites contain information about your postings and time of visits, even to attackers, spreading malware, viruses, hackers, Trojans, and this is not a complete list of things that can hurt us. Often we do not even suspect that we or our car is used for hack any website or server is even worse, it is called Dos attack is sad that we are in the chain to someone else's dirty deeds. Yeah …

necessarily think about it, but if everything calmly walked myself walking and bang for your problems computer and then you will know that you are using – as something bad everything is unpleasant. We're just going to the site, we can determine its true content, and sometimes it can not do everything depends on his art creator is here that come and help us Internet services such as Google, who through their filters block malicious websites. that could harm us or our computer, protecting and warning us of danger, but it Only a small brick in the barrier, we build a wall in order to protect yourself and your computer. Our authorities are trying to clean up the Internet, to keep everything transparent, where each user can not hide its true face, perhaps, is the struggle against evil, but can it comes to total control.? Rescue the drowning was the work of the drowning and the slogan can be very useful, because there is a pill for all the problems. I want to suggest another brick in the wall of security, such as using an anonymous proxy to surf the Internet, we actually block some harmful information – the enemy has stopped on the outskirts of even getting on your computer. Anonymity as a cloak of invisibility, the Internet is one way and very effective way to protect themselves from attacks on our freedom. There are many ways to define personal information to the client by its IP or other characteristics of the compound. It's time to think about how to avoid it? The answer is simple to use anonymity. But for every user a web anonymity – it is quite hot topic that a detailed consideration and we will do it in future articles. The article was written specifically for the site

Digital Bookstore

The celebrations of the Greeks were numerous. They celebrated: the return of the stations of the year, and to the Gods in they had personified which them and the anniversaries by any memorable concept; the Neomenias (the day first of the lunar month). All the celebrations were of religious character, according to the divinity had different modalities. Fistas of Ceres and those of Platen press, were different by their solemnity from those from I am vacant, that stood out by the disorder and the desenfrenos.Almost all the celebrations of Greece went accompanied of sacrifices and they were finished on foot with combats of fighters and by carts, to horse and in cars. The main celebrations of old Greece were: the Dionisacas and the Bacanales, celebrated in Athens. Dances and songs of triumph consisted of, being celebrated after the winter solstice.

The unique ones that could enter the temple of I am vacant, were the priestesses, appointed by arconte. In the celebration of the Agriones, the women did that they bucaban to I am vacant wildly, and after a banquet they became enemies; this fista lasted several days. The Adonas was celebrations of duel in all Greece. The death of Adonis was cried, lover of Venus and died by a wild boar. The Cinofontes celebrations, were celebrated in the days caniculares, being able to give him death to all dog that left to the encounter. Another one of the celebrations was the Diamastigosis or flagellation; very cruel where they appeared to the children before the altar of Morning call, and it was whipped to them in the presence of his parents, who encouraged to them to continue suffering. Those that died by the flagellation were conciderados winners; later it was not allowed to follow with the whips, once appeared bleeding.

One of the few human sacrifices that occurred in the Greek cults, was in the celebration of Targelias, honor of Apolo and Morning call; it was celebrated in April. The athenians used to immolate two O-Men one woman and a man. The Panateneas, was the celebrations of Platen press, calls in Athens ” great fiestas” ; because to them all the towns of the Atica went. They were triennial and quinquennial (these last ones were most solemn).Three sorts of spectacles could be seen public: run of men in games of athletics and literary and musical contest; giving the most distiguido prize him to. Fista finished with a sacrifice of oxen; brought by each one of the towns of the Atica obligatorily. Part of the meat was for all the assistants.I invite to you to visit the Digital Bookstore of where you will find articles of quality verified for your personal and spiritual development: Health, Sports, Entertainments, Computation, Languages, Labor Exit and more.

Smart Recovery Card

Do you touched where ought not by mistake? Quiet, maybe you’re still in time to recover your precious photos. More than one we have ever erase inadvertently photo that wasn’t, or directly formatting the card in the camera’s memory completely. They are things of the rush, the destination and the laws of Murphy, but if this happens, keeps calm that the problem may have solution.When a picture is deleted from the memory, in reality it does not delete it is physically but that one byte is changed at the start of the name to indicate that the space it occupies, can be used again. Therefore, to have greater chances of recovering our photos in good condition, there to take new photographs until you recover the deleted by accident. (Photos recuperator) program which will perform all the work of recovery is called PC Inspector SmartRecovery, it is free and compatible with Windows. First we must select the drive corresponding to the digital camera’s memory. We then select the file format to recover, these vary depending on the brand of the camera, the most common are JPG in the case of pictures and AVI or MOV for videos. If we are not sure of the formats used in our camera, we can always consult the manual or the information available on line.Finally we must select a destination folder to save the information to retrieve (or if it is the case to recover damaged photos) and wait for the process to finish.

Or if you can’t understand very well the previous process, here we so explain step by step:-1.Yes is something really important and you want to have the slightest hope of recovering it, you keep not doing photos or keep anything else on the card. You run the risk of overwriting the information making it unrecoverable (or restoring damaged photos). -2.Conecta the memory card to the computer via a card reader. -3.Descarga and install the freeware PC Inspector Smart Recovery – 4.ejecutalo and select the drive corresponding to the memory card. -5.Selecciona a directory on your computer where you store the recovered files. -Start 6.Pulsa and prays while recoil photos program does its magic (this last point is particularly important). -7. The process can be quite slow depending on the size of the memory card that we are scanning but the result is worth the trouble, isn’t it? As an alternative to Smart Recovery also recommend PhotoRec, another free application which, in addition to Windows, also has versions for Linux and Mac OS x.


An essential feature for people who use or need a video conferencing room lies in the ease of use of the software that allows videoconferencing. Possibly a person seeking a service of videoconference over the Internet need to meet any of the following needs:-present products or services to customers that are anywhere in the world and at any time. -Provide training. -run conferences live on various topics. And as well as these, there may be other reasons why a person needs a videoconference room.

In the market are varied videoconferencing systems, many of which require complex and lengthy processes of installation that makes it difficult for many users by limitations of your antivirus, firewall or proxies. The best programs for video conferencing are those that allow a quick and easy access via the web, from any browser. These systems have a great bonus if they are also compatible with all types of operating system, both Windows, as Linux, Mac Os, etc.

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