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French Revolution

The old world, its religious culture to multissecular, its matrices, its politicosocial models, meets spread by the planet all, particularly in this beginning of century XXI, when the globalization goes becoming triumphant the civilization that was born in the Europe modern occidental person. In this point, it fits to remember that social Philosophers as Voltaire, Montesquieu, Diderot, Rousseau, Locke, Beccaria, had developed the principles ethical-politicians of the democratic organization social, which had served of base for the fights that had deflagrated the French Revolution (1789). In this context of the century of the lights, in France, where the Iluminismo assumed its more vigorous intellectual feio, the Espiritismo is elaborated by the iluminista-romantic Allan Kardec. In ‘ ‘ Character of the Esprita’ revelation; ‘ , true treated to epistemologia of the Espiritismo.

‘ ‘ He is, therefore, rigorously accurate to say that the Espiritismo is a comment science and not product of the imagination. Sciences alone had made important progressos later that its studies if had based on the experimental method; until then, it was given credit that this method also was only applicable to the substance, to the step that it is also to the things metafsicas’ ‘. (KARDEC, 1990, P. 20) Being thus, the Espiritismo is on the other hand Iluminista in its knowledge rational of the laws that conduct the evolution bio-psico-partner-spiritual of the human sort and for another one is inheriting of the philosophical tradition of the Romantismo, reencantando the world with the values spirituals, the love and the universal fraternity, with the meaning deep of each evolutivo level, in each reincarnation, each being, all individuality, different spheres and manifestations of the life, in the great teia of the universe that is not another thing seno the thought of God.

Become Human Beings

Filogeneticamente we start in them becomes human beings from the ancestral birth of common the simiescos and homindeos that are the Rhamapitecus, that in turn gave origin to the first men, amongst them the Homo Erectus, that has as representative the boy of Turkana, with the evolution of this, we start to have characteristics who are the mark of the modern man or the species Homo Sapiens as, for example, the bipedismo. The presented erect position first for the Homo Erectus was the basic step for the transformation, as well as the manufacture of instruments of work, the possible celebrations of rituals, the necessity to communicate ones with the others. These had been some steps for the biological construction of the man. But as in them we become human beings, as we appropriate in them of this condition of being social? To understand better as if gave this acquisition, will be made a brief historical summary, starting for the primitive societies that already had inherited the organizacional way them first existing primates, its main activities were the collection of what the nature gave, were nomadic and they were not organized in social classrooms. Exactly without having social division and being nomadic, the work already existed, providing a knowledge about what it was its return, later they would pass if to fix in an environment and would go to be able to discover and if to benefit of cattle agriculture and, appearing from there a economic excess. With the sprouting of the economic excess, the exploration of the man for the man became lucrative, therefore, in this way, if appropriating it its fellow creature, would relieve exceeding more, more profits. Of this relation of exploration two antagonistic classrooms appear: the ones that work and the ones that explore the work other people’s, without right the freedom, being this last one called of escravismo.

Products Addition

Different types of suspended ceilings are increasingly being used for decoration in homes and in offices, shops, restaurants, entertainment centers, warehouses, factories, etc. In addition to an attractive appearance, they have a number of advantages over the stucco and whitewashed or painted floor slabs. High moisture resistance, good noise reduction, ease of maintenance and long life – this is far from complete list of advantages suspension systems. Among the reasons why consumers opt for this type of ceiling, quick installation, the ability to install lights and hide all types of communications failed – wiring Breather ventilation systems and others. One of the types of suspended ceilings are dlinnopanelnye cassette.

They are made of metal and are coated with the protective and decorative functions. Through modern technologies of production, each magazine dlinnopanelnaya has strict geometric dimensions to ensure smooth joints and perfectly flat surface that ensures an attractive appearance ceiling. Use as a material galvanized steel thickness of 0.6 mm or 0.7 mm aluminum allows finished products to avoid deformation during transportation and installation, as well as giving them the necessary strength for embedding lamps different types and ventilation equipment. Provided for mounting the system can withstand not only the weight of the tapes themselves, but also additional equipment. In addition to the smooth models are produced and perforated with holes round and square shapes, as well as a diamond – the panels, known as "shtrekmetall design." Dlinnopanelnye cassette of this design allow for better ventilation: this is particularly important in public areas with high level of traffic.

In addition, the holes give up products that improves the appearance of finished ceilings. To create a uniform illumination of the tapes are designed with built-in lights separated by perforated inserts. The high degree of corrosion protection can be used dlinnopanelnye cassettes in high humidity and aggressive environment. Advanced Products are processed steamproof adhesion primer and then applied them resistant to abrasion, fading in the sun and exposed to vapors of chemical compounds paint.

Educational Courses Online

ImasterD is the new website on the bet MASTERD to offer services using the Internet in full training as a channel to conduct the training. IMasterD begins offering online courses on the main office software market (such as Word, Excel or Access), which is necessary to know both personally and professionally. New technologies are present in our lives for what they know how to use a secured computer and its applications is essential to finding a job. 97.8% of Spanish companies with more than 10 employees have computers, according to the report published by ONTSI in 2008. Learn office and use a computer is necessary both personally and professionally. IMasterD is aware of it so it fits the needs of today's market offering in its online training portal simple and useful to users. The training offer has launched this portal is focused on office automation courses (word processors, spreadsheets, email or Internet) as well as use of personal computers.

These online courses offer all the benefits of training through the Internet: Available 24 hours a day. The schedule is marked by the student. Not depend on any schedule. Courses can be done when you want. The pace of the course is the student.

Everyone progresses at their pace. You only need a computer and an Internet connection no matter where the student. The course can be from any country in the world. You only need to speak Spanish. The courses are purchased and developed from the website imasterd. com, guided in simple steps and using a secure system. There are several levels of the most popular courses, which is essential for each student receives the kind of training you really need. The training offer creceraa IMasterD along this year because the demand for training exists. IMasterD offers as introductory offer their products a summer promotion with discounts in the prices of all their courses. We encourage you to visit this new service that gives you MASTERD scope.

The Country’s History

And perhaps, in the coming reform of education – a partial return to the old system … As it was historically in our country, universities were created from the value of the territory and the need for at least one or two institutions in each region. In addition, local concentrations of the intellectual potential of the country (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Tomsk and other) institutions of higher education created by industry basis. As a result, as reported at the meeting of the Russian Union of Rectors, Andrei Fursenko, “the Soviet Union had nearly 680 colleges and universities. Now they are five times more. ” Thus, the emergence of a large number of small high schools in Russia have resulted in a general commercial activities, rather than territorial and sectoral guidelines. Starting in the 90s., The education sector has become a source of great income, and many have decided to take advantage of it.

“In the last decade in the country, primarily in small towns, there was many universities and branches. They give lectures and classes are the same teachers, and often the quality of the educational process leaves much to be desired “, – said Minister of Education. But is consolidation of universities to help solve situation? The end justifies the means? The fact that it is necessary to improve the quality of education, no doubt. But we should not forget that the quality of education depends primarily on how competently, using modern technology, is at the bottom of the learning process at the level of teaching. Rather than deal with these issues, the Ministry of Education thinks macroeconomic categories.

Recall that, for example, in March this year, St. Petersburg Governor Valentina Matvienko suggested the Ministry of simply “did not give consent” for universities to open branches in the northern capital. Many of these branches, she said, are “paid a desk with a pre-denominated certificates.” At the same time, the question arises – whether affected thereby taking care of the quality of the education or Petersburgers is still concern about produced by public universities competition.


With the massive effects that Internet has had on our common life, fashions are installed and disappear with surprising speed. Why is that entrepreneurs require to maximize facilities promoted by consignments of air cargo. Reliability is probably one of the main qualities seeking among air cargo services. Luckily, this is what is generally offered and in what becomes harder. This has been the fashion for the past few years. In order to satisfy the different needs, different shipping methods have been created for their products and services.

Just remembered this when she recently had to search hotels in Merlo by internet. In addition, this adds advances in times of transit, the quality of services and the simplification of construction costs. Global marketing, sales and manufacturing increasingly are stronger. Frankly, the game is not simply offer better prices, but make them faster and more secure. For a long time, companies of loads Airlines have dominated the business achieving much more effective ways of sending consumers products to optimize services. Joins this work integration that has managed to facilitate the speed of shipments, giving them an advantage in the competition especially in the area of shipping heavy. Traditionally, heavy shipments are consolidating multiple objects in a large shipment.

Obviously, is generated a crucial time before that assets are on the market. And because of the competition, make sure you will have to lose some sales if your competitor is achieving faster products. While air cargo services have been used for several years, must be special attention on the need for speed. That is why, at the moment of deciding, many businessmen opt for faster service. The most common failure of air cargo services is that you normally have slower than air integration processes. Instead of having your property managed by several people, integrators create a system where the truck that you have loaded their goods in a principle will be that take them home. So are cut several entities involved in the work. But you will see, at the end everything falls into the options that you choose. It is just a matter of seeing who has the greatest value, if integrators or those dealing with overhead loads.

Gender A

Gender a film in principle be included in this genre simply by being placed its action in a particular context: the exploration and development of the western territory of the United States of America during the nineteenth century. But over time the characteristics of the historical context were extended to the characters in these stories, determining their way of life and define its character. Being the films often set in unexplored or untamed territories under the looming threat of Indian attack, or in cities where lawless bandits roam, gender was looking toward the confrontation of the various characters, increasingly becoming a more psychological nature.Typically, in some of these characters are unambiguously good, that hopefully people traveling to those lands with the utopia of building a home and live in peace, and others represented on the contrary the evil side, those who took advantage of the helpless to make your life easier. It is for this whole series of key themes and commonalities is not considered necessary that a film is set in the American West in order to qualify for western, although this can always be an appreciation of something sui generis. The western has been often used by American film to write the epic of their own country, a narrative process legendary founding of the United States starring heroes who embody some of the deepest values of their culture, always under the inspiration Manifest Destiny and a characteristic iconography (cowboy hat, guns, vests, horses, desert, city street, saloon, ranches, stagecoaches, Indians …).Within the usual western trends or the difference between different sub-genres, such as the so-called western twilight (Arthur Penn and Little Big Man, Sam Peckinpah and Major Dundee, Clint Eastwood and Lawrence Kasdan or Unforgiven and Silverado), the spaghetti western, whose most noted was director Sergio Leone (The death came at a price, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly etc.) or the western chili made in Mexico. Some directors and actors specialized in the genre to the point of becoming modern icons of this type of film, such as John Ford, John Wayne or Randolph Scott.

The Writings Of Caribbean Writers And Poets

Free Boundary over recent years has become a true symbol of journalism in the Colombian Caribbean. Time has passed and year after year publication designed by Jorge Castillo Mendoza and his family is strengthened as a bulwark of information and points in a region where the media are born grow and die in a relatively short time. Hence the importance of what has been done so far: a very successful magazine, 18 more than three hundred publications and articles in which notable writers and journalists from the Caribbean region have expressed their thoughts on the most diverse topics. Free boundary has been characterized by the defense of fundamental values, respect for diversity and freedom of expression. For the latter reason can be found in its pages the most diverse positions regarding regional issues, with the sole condition that no offense to the fundamental principles of coexistence and human dignity. Dl Much success of the magazine and of its greatest strengths is the people who work hard each month to put in the hands of readers. And the team is very well directed by Jorge Castillo Mendoza, a man with journalism in the blood and soul literature. Somehow it manages to simultaneously address the direction of the magazine, its commitments as a teacher in elementary, its role as a member of the academy of history and his work as a writer, which produced a magnificent piece some time ago when it was decided to have the master’s life and Leandro Diaz made it through an excellent and delicious chronicle is essential reading for anyone who wants to know the life of the bard.

In its latest edition Free Boundary brings home a spectacular drive dedicated to the process of the Caribbean Region. It also has the following writings: The reading delicacy is served at the table Free Boundary blessed. You have to enjoy your tasty food for the spirit. is a renowned journalist and writer Colombia, as a teacher linked to several Colombian universities. He is the author of four books and co-author of three others that address the topic of leadership, ethics and Human Development. It is often invited as a speaker at conferences, forums and other academic events.

Part-time Jobs

Half time work. How to make your work a part-time job. Many people run in the morning to arrive early to reach, seek how to go to eat fast because they have to go back, arrive home late and would like to have more time. The answer is because not having a part-time job, to spend time with the children, with the bride, with the lover, not be to practice this hobby that you like so much, or simply to get to know beautiful girls any square of the city. The major problem with these part-time jobs is: payment. Most of the part-time jobs do not pay enough, the solution I propose is to do your job, a part-time job. As do this, being productive, to start talking about this need to consider that your work must be a work by goals by project by task to accomplish this is completely invalid for floor workers for workers who really should be why his work lies in Spacetime as cashiers, vendors, customer service.

Assuming that you are in the first case, here are some suggestions that you will serve to make more fast your work, if you follow them to the foot of the letter, I can assure that at least, at least half an hour before you finish your tasks. 80% of the causes of stem from 20% of the shares. 80% of a company’s profits come from 20% of the values and customers. -That 20% of causes are responsible for 80% of my problems… -That causes 20 produce 80% of my happiness analyzes customers you have, analyzes vendors there are many customers and suppliers that you just removed the time when true customers and valued suppliers must only represent around 20% the illusion of the working day. If you have 10 things to do this day, say from your computer, anything has to do with time.

C Sharp

C (pronounced “ci sharp”) language is an object-oriented programming developed and standardized by Microsoft as part of their platform. NET, which was later adopted as a standard by ECMA and ISO.
Its basic syntax is derived from C / C and uses the object model of plataforma.NET which is similar to Java but includes improvements derived from other languages (including Delphi).
In the case of the C language, the original intention of the creators of the language was called “C in D flat,” to denote beauty and intelligence in the design of such language. Because it was found similar symbol “sharp” or “number” in Spanish, corresponding to C sharp major, became the name of the language such as C .
C , as part of the plataforma.NET this standardized by ECMA in December since 2001 (ECMA-334 “C Language Specification“). On November 7, 2005 came version 2.0 of the language that included improvements such as generic types, anonymous methods, iterators, partial types and types avoidable. On November 19, 2007 came version 3.0 of C with emphasis on improvement rates implicit, anonymous types, and LINQ (Language Integrated Query).
Although C is part of the plataforma.NET, this is an application programming interface, while C is a programming language designed to generate independent programs on that platform. There is already implemented a compiler that provides the framework for DotGNU – Mono generating programs for different platforms such as Win32, UNIX and Linux.

Pro Java Programming, Second Edition by Brett Spell (Paperback – Jun 13, 2005)


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