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The Four Keys To Launch an Online Business

Before you can build your empire on the Internet need to understand the four keys that make up every business in linea.Tienes to master each of them if you get to have flow in your bank account First Key: The technology _ Since the Internet is a network require digital technology, the more technology used to do less work and better results. However small a company they all need your site, your marketing system, billing, autoresponder, creating videos, sales process, database, hosting and tracking of your site. Second Key: The Productos_ The best way to make money online is by offering products that people need. You can offer your own product or sell other products that will generate commissions (affiliate products, easy to handle) if you decide to sell your own digital products will take some more time and investment but will ultimately give you more benefits. Third Key: Trafico_ after having your technology infrastructure installed and decided to promote products you need to take traffic to your website. Their website alone will not help much, people do not know it’s there unless el.Pero not send advertising to all “qualified traffic is” not all good is, there are many strategies that you must learn to identify which is the best for you. Fourth Key: _ Conversion traffic will be useless if you do not have the tools necessary to “convert” your prospects into buyers (closing the sale) in the virtual world is called conversion sale, and this is achieved through its pages sales, its audio and video messages, offers and promotions to do and their garantias.Aprender these skills will get great benefits online. By clicking on the link below you can get the best tools for your online business.

United States

They see, we drink until the bottom the glass of the love;we enjoy the love until the dawn! My husband is not in house, because he has undertaken a long trip. Stock-market of the money has taken with himself, and it will not return until the day of Full Moon. With words he convinced persuasive it; with lisonjas of to his he seduced it lips. And it immediately was after her, like the ox that goes way to the slaughter house; like the red deer that falls in the trap, until he shoots with an arrow abre the entrails to him; like the bird that sends itself against the network, without knowledge that in it goes the life to him. " (Proverbs 7:7 – 23, New Version the International) Subtility, deceit, destruction. Three dangerous components that are united and converged in a strategy of Satan: to destroy to us by means of habits that if we allowed it end up dominating to us. A young one wrote to me from Chicago to relate its drama to me: it could not escape of the screen of his portable one.

It spent long hours, especially when it verified that their parents slept, against pornography images. " Often they found the first lights of the day seeing photographies of desnudos." , it described. Increase of the consultation of pornographic in the Internet In the decade of 30" s of the last century, the pornography became popular in magazines, especially in Europe and the United States, thanks to enormous emporios of publications. From 1991 it entered to comprise of one of the supplies of the Internet. Around 75la pornography available in Internet takes place in the United States and mint of 15% in Europe. Weekly around 60 million people they visit pornographic sites of the network and at least 20 million these users, are in Canada and the United States.

The Enter

To the Enter the url, ud was found with which the Lord that you asked reports, supposedly to fix his car, was a simple and vulgar salesman. Did not want their services, not interested in buy EA I wanted to sell you a Kit of tools for mechanics, that was all. It made him lose time, I saturate your email electronic with liars messages, becoming pass by a person interested in his services, but what ud wanted was one thing: putting your hands in your pocket to get a few hundred euros, dollars. This method of selling via the internet is of the most unpleasant of all, worse than spam. Because at least spam directly offer products, services and offers, without recourse to gangsters, Crooks, of avivata people, specific strategies as that is fashionable in the network. A friend dedicated to research private, received an email address in which you said that urgently wanted an interview, to request their services, for a research and tracking in Lima. The person posing as a senior official of the State. As well, my friend received at his Office in the center of Lima and hear it.

She said that wanted to know if I could take pictures to her husband, record videos, about his infidelity. My friend said to him, that if he could and that he was ready to start work. Sra asked showing all equipment with which worked him first. The you showed your camera, a video camera sony. The sra then told him I wanted written all what are haria, for the requested service. My friend prepare pro forma, and two days later, the sra return and the received. Said the woman who in two days you would reply and asked if I had an account Bank, to realizing the advancement of fees, for requested work is started.

Construction Sites

The causes mess on construction sites. Every second building is the St. Petersburg serious deviations from the rules of construction work on every fourth found "critical, extremely dangerous' deviations from the rules. These are the results of the annual inspection of urban construction sites, officially announced by the head of one of these days Gosarhstroynadzora in St. Petersburg, Alexander orth. The most typical violations Alexander Orth calls: maintenance work without the full set of permits, the poor quality of installation and construction work, violation of rules gospriemka. According to Mr.

Horta, in the heart of most violations are … negligence and carelessness Builders, for which tenants pay and the newly built houses, and bona fide developers. If the customer monitors the quality, he will do it from the contractor in any way. And the contractor will assume any financial and organizational conduct maneuver – to put a skilled worker or five unskilled. Previously, all the rules, GOST, construction regulations defined the State Building, and they were binding.

And now they are only advisory in nature. This law since 1994, but for a long time in the construction people were still working the old school. And now they are running low, and the problem got out. The size of the fine for engineers and technical workers, committed violations at construction sites – from 2 to 3 thousand. February 5, 2004 in St. Petersburg have fallen stairs from the ninth to the first floor in a newly built apartment building at the intersection of Prospect Street and Veterans General Simonyak. Killed two slingers. According to preliminary data, the cause of the collapse of stairs in the house under construction was a failure to comply with safety and technology of construction work. Separate the question of surveyors and georabotah. You have to understand that no license could save the company geodesic construction of an inexperienced surveyor error: License is a company that sent it to an object, but most often the surveyor No experience or graduate degree. That superintendent hopes for such a specialist, and then stairs down, so banks in buildings are due to errors in the breakdown. Every second surveyor on our construction sites has appropriate education engineer surveyor, that is, he studied his work have on any subject, being the assistant of another surveyor, and his knowledge of the profession is limited to those skills that he acquired in quickly. Blind customer savings on everything – this is the main cause chaos on the site. Using low-wage, unskilled workers and low-cost, substandard materials, simplifying technology, ignoring the technical supervision and quality control, saving on the project and georabotah, the customer, without knowing it, driving himself into a swamp of explicit and hidden defects. Identify these defects, of course not immediately upon acceptance of work, and during the operation. Cracks pass through cracks in the basement, where there is water, peeling paint, moving away from the walls of wallpaper, the bay and falling off bar, freeze walls, heated wires, etc. Only then, heartbroken customer begins understand that saved the full program. Save of course necessary, but should save wisely, not to the detriment of himself and his object. A well-savings can only be a specialist who knows all the subtleties and nuances of construction and repair, and able to take unfair artist on 'clean water' Sergey V. Fomchenko Executive Director of Stroypromplan

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