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Juan Antonio Perez Lopez

Probably them not have the blame for this, because secure its selection process, was not efficient, it lacked a good induction and then are not trained them in attention to customer. Another experience that may be common to many, is care in hospitals. For two months I go to intensive care in a local hospital, to see my mother and beyond the pain that one can feel as a human being, I want to concentrate on the care offered by the doctors and staff. I’m going to describe the experience I had to receive a medical, part of one of the doctors report, characterized by its coldness to the moment of saying things. Get more background information with materials from Royal Dutch Shell. Said literally the following: Ah just if you is the son of Mrs.

de good 8 bed you know there not do nothing, that heart not endure much, less liver have to wait just, we are not to do heroic acts, we do everything possible but you already know that it can happen at any timemust be realistic patience nomas.After listening to it, the only thing that was missing was asking him to recommend the funeral company and model of drawer. Given this avalanche the only thing I told him was and you that would do in my place? It seems that my question brought again to the human being that lies behind that white costume with stethoscope to the chest and replied in a manner more empathetic confessed to me that he had gone through something similar and that he understood what was happening to me, recommended me to have much strength. You have lived these situations, that surely somehow, they make me think that many organizations are still centered in their processes, in their products; professionals in their knowledge and titles and hard to see the service through the eyes of the customers. I recommend you review your service cycle and identify the critical moments of truth, i.e. Ann Robinson addresses the importance of the matter here. all those interactions customer company that could put at risk the relationship and the permanence of the company in the market.

Companies are concerned about analyze and improve their processes to obtain greater benefits, customers review their experiences for loyalty with the company very different thing. The customer rather than techniques requires attitudes and consistent behaviour, why is necessary to work in the motivation of the people who are in the front and in general, align the culture of the Organization to the service. When those who run companies understand that the strongest reason that exists in a person to act, is another person, as Juan Antonio Perez Lopez behind it, I’m sure that may give an important turn and act more naturally more human. Therefore yes we can talk about a good deal to the worker and a quality service to its customers. !Good luck in your next contact! Original author and source of the article.


The first transformer with open magnetic circuit proposed in 1876, PN Apples, which used them to power electric "candles". In 1885, Hungarian scientists M. Dery, O. Bluth, K. Tsipernovsky developed a single-phase industrial transformer with a closed magnetic circuit. Three-phase transformers have appeared in the 1889-1891 years. (MO Dolivo-Dobrovolsky, Tesla).

Transformers are widely used in various fields of electrical engineering, radio engineering, electronics, units of measurement, automatic control and regulation. In terms of design and implementation of a high-voltage equipment can be divided into force, welding, measuring, and special. The greatest application in the national economy have power transformers, which are an essential element of industrial electrical networks. Generators in power plants generate electricity at a voltage not more than 24 kV, since at higher voltages have difficulty creating enough insulation in electric machines. Electric power transmission over long distances at such relatively low voltages economically unprofitable because of high losses in the line.

Indeed, at low voltages, U is the same power (P = UI cos ) is obtained at higher current, I, therefore, increases the power losses in the wires PI2, ie necessary to increase cross-section. Therefore, the power plants installed power transformers, which increase the voltage to 110, 220, 500, 750 and 1,150 kW. Consumers with voltage transformers is reduced in several stages: at district substations and 35 (10) kV substation facilities to 10 (6) kV, and finally, at the substations of shops and residential areas – up to 380/220 V. As the number of phases transformers are divided into single-phase and three phase. Each phase of the transformer has primary winding (her energy is fed from the source) and the secondary (with her energy will reach the consumer). Secondary windings of this high-voltage equipment can have several – in this case, the transformers mnogoobmotochnymi called. Thus, single-phase transformers have at least two windings, three-phase – six.

South African Kevin Anderson

The Spaniard overcame the second round by 7-5, 6-1. He will face American Andy Roddick, who eliminated to Anderson. All results of the day in the Queen s and Halle tournaments. The Spanish Fernando Verdasco was classified for the quarterfinals of the tennis tournament Queen s, which played on grass, defeating Argentine David Nalbandian 7-5 and 6-1 after an hour and thirteen minutes of the game. Only the first set was competed because the second sleeve the Spanish, seventh seeded, domino almost at will before a Nalbandian, ninth favorite and invited by the Organization, which downgraded the level of his tennis before the evident superiority of Verdasco. The opponent of the Spanish tennis player in the quarterfinals will be American Andy Roddick, third favorite, who defeated South African Kevin Anderson, 15th seeded by a double 6-4. Source of the news: Verdasco gets into quarterfinals of Queen s after beating Nalbandian

Easy Weight Loss

Vera Fischer, 8 kg per month of decent Russian women know her as a beautiful woman Elena from the "family ties". Dishonerable Russians anxiously kept in a secluded corner of your computer's folder with her nude photos of men's magazines. During the month of Faith goodbye to 8 kg on low-carb diet (Low Carb). According to nutritionist, endocrinologist star Alberto Serfaty (Alberto Serfaty), weight loss occurred due to the sharp limitations of simple carbohydrates (flour and sweet), which, incidentally, among other things provoke diabetes. Just do not think that if the sausage, eggs and bacon, not enough carbs, you can plenty of stuff.

"These foods are high in fat, but you need a" lean " protein – fish, chicken and milk, – says the doctor. – And check with your doctor about supplements to obtain all the necessary vitamins and minerals. " Allowed: vegetables, herbs, low-fat chicken and fish, especially salmon and sardines are useful (rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids omega-3), skim milk, cheese, nuts, some fruits (guava, papaya, mango, apricots, apples and oranges). It is forbidden rice, corn, pies, pasta and other flour, whole milk, sugar, sweets, pastries, ice cream. The advantages of a diet: the average leave 3 kg during the first week and then 1-2 pounds per week. No need to count calories. "This diet is particularly good for those who go to the gym and working with weights, because the proteins – the main building material for muscles, "- says Alberto Serfaty. Disadvantages of diets is contraindicated in liver and kidney diseases.

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