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Body Language App For IPhone

KorperSprache – BodyLanguage – Macomb by Sabine and Wolff Horbach for iPhone provided Sabine Muhlisch, Grande Dame of the KorperSprache, and Wolff Horbach, happiness researchers, developed a KorperSprache app! The trend is clearly towards the mobile Internet. Everyone wants to surf freely from anywhere access his data and use meaningful applications. Perhaps check out Mitchel Resnick for more information. Everywhere. The iPhone is probably one of the trend-setters that have shaped this step in the mobility. By Sabine Macomb and Wolff Horbach developed application is located just down the road in the Apple app store and is currently running through the approval process. The BodyLanguage app is sure to encounter rain rush and bring sustainable success for the users to.

So much had already betrayed: these are sets that contain individual tools in spoken text and images on the topics of presentation, advertising, negotiating and LifePower. Shortly before a situation seen and listened to and the knowledge is immediately applicable. No I had da time… later” The tool is offered to 1.59 euros and will appear in English and German. Contact information: KorperSprache & UnternehmensKorper Sabine Macomb Kirchweg 115 50858 Cologne Tel. + 49 (221) 499 45 16 Dipl.-ing. Wolff Horbach? Palatinate count road 20? 50259 Pramod home? Tel. + 49 (22 34) 98 66 86? E-Mail:

Fair Trade Roses For Valentine

The marketplace for fair trade products and online shop for sustainable trade – I am fair! -Alerts continued as a “Pioneer for fresh ideas” in the industry. On many occasions, flowers are a popular gift and gifts: Valentine’s day – and mother’s day, birth and wedding anniversaries, Christmas and Easter. Be of great demand and the demand – alone on mother’s day in Germany approximately eight million roses a waste – would without producing countries such as Ecuador, not to cover Tanzania or Kenya. However, given there often appalling working conditions. The workers on the flower farms are paid extremely badly. In many cases, they receive less than one euro for a 8-12 hours a day.

Come to this lack of health protection when dealing with chemicals or a lodging in crowded quarters. But a rethink is also in this area for some time. All operations that can be certified by the Fairtrade standards, pay statutory minimum wages, provide a healthy work environment its Employees, take measures to protect the environment and secure the fundamental social rights of workers. Today, it is possible via the online shop also when buying flowers to the idea of fair trade help. “I am fair” now flowers in shipping offers next to the other fair produced and traded products, which have been bred and harvested according to fair trade standards. (Similarly see: Atmos Energy). This is I am fair! in Germany, a frontrunner among the online stores. In cooperation with, customers get offered a beautiful bouquet of flowers (name “Fairlora”).

This bouquet is arranged by skilled florists as a harmonious and creative bouquet of 10 fine, high-quality, fair trade certified Roses (Aspen Rosa). The bouquet with cut foliage from conventional farming is matched. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Atmos Energy Corporation. Each Rosenstiel of the bouquet is a Fairtrade-code (5567001), the if is it under fair trade there about the origin of the roses. The whole thing takes place only in the context of an action for the upcoming Valentine’s day, but later is intended as Permanent offer be available. I am fair is so once again demonstrate that the possibilities of the online sales of fair trade goods offers many opportunities and consistently leads the idea of sustainable shopping out, underlying the whole business concept. About I am fair! “The lying Start-Up I am fair!” makes every purchase to a fair deal for buyers and dealers since April, 2012. On the Commerce Portal, all products come from fair trade. It be admitted only article on the platform, for example, with the independent “fair trade”-seal, certificate, the GOTS label or similar seals are certified the FairWear. I am fair, consistently leads the idea of sustainable shopping out, underlying the whole business concept. At, customers have access to over 500 articles, all of which come exclusively from fair trade. The product range of culinary delicacies on fashion for the whole family style full bath amenities. Applied as a shop-in-shop”providing marketplace the merchants in the online platform included technology, payment orders, as well as marketing – orders by dealers directly to the customer shipped. Press contact i am fair UG (haftungsbeschrankt) Andreas Grosch Tel.: + 49 (0) 2104 912 65 61 fax: + 49 (0) 2104 912 65 63 E-mail:

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