Federal warns against pollutants in day-care centres in the today’s time the daycare is more and more to the main place of the residence of the children. With the new law on children education children to caring for are younger. Children from three months are already included in more and more nurseries. Here play the children here eat and sleep it. Here they begin to explore the world. With all your senses!It is all the more important that the daycare provides a safe place.

Also the role of the model and the associated responsibility of such an arrangement should play an important role in terms of safety. For months, reads, sees and hears in the media of contaminated toys. The so-called phthalates, plasticizers in plastic (E.g. Bisphenol A), are found in many everyday objects. There is evidence that these substances are harmful to health. The body absorbs them through food, through direct contact with the skin or by inhaling the vapors in the organism. Here, the chemicals work similar to hormones. You can demonstrably boys cause abnormalities of the reproductive organs and lead to infertility.

In girls the consequences may be a premature puberty, as in the later old breast cancer so. Also allergies, asthma, and diabetes can be triggered by these pollutants in floor coverings, baby bottles and toys. But what can you do about it? How can you protect yourself and the little ones? The Bund fur Umwelt und Naturschutz launched now the action without poison”, in which a consciousness that created should, how you can become active against these pollutants to keep them as low as possible. Children’s day facilities are prompted to send a dust sample for analysis to the Federal Government. Here it is then determined how polluted the KiTa are BBs. A guide to the own dust sample, as well as other interesting information can be found on the homepage of the Federal Government. So you can reduce pollutants in day care, but also in the home: avoid products with the recycling symbol 3, at the time of purchase! These products (for example Toys, rubber boots, mud pants and plastic drinking cups) are made of soft PVC containing plasticizers, gas from the time. When buying on quality mark of independent institutes! This can be the GS mark, the game good seal or the seal of TuV proof. Products with such seals are also more durable but often more expensive, but through the guaranteed quality. There are already providers that specialise in toys without pollutants and exclusively products made in Germany”are offered. An example of this is the provider of D-toy, see trust your nose! Products that chemically or unpleasant smell, containing mostly gaseous, harmful substances. Ventilate regularly and go to fresh air! Emit the pollutants. They are spread in the air we breathe. So you treat yourself and the kids as often as possible fresh air.

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