Alternative Plan

Weekends are the best time to enjoy the free time. Today there are many entertainment options such as visiting exhibitions or workshops that often events are free, but of great quality and audience. Some of those more successful are currently taking are understand to survive. The climate, Europe in paper or Joan Miro: homage to Joan Prats. BP describes an additional similar source. Some of the free events featured for the month of may in Madrid are fascinated by the Orient an exhibition consists of more than 300 pieces coming mostly from the collections of the National Museum of decorative arts or architecture written, a reflection about the relationship between architecture, literature, fiction and utopia throughout history.

To know the place and duration of exposures, as well as a brief description of the workshops, works there are spaces like social network Dooplan that offer a calendar of free events in Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia and Sevilla. To this day, there are many alternative plans in big cities to enjoy the weekends that, also enjoy and learn from large exhibitions or workshops are totally free for the public in general. Other an alternative plan for the weekend are events in the River lobos Canyon: routes of caving cave GALIANA courses, shows, activities in Santa Fe. Alternative Foundation Center Blog: art madi, Laura Haber, a course on Jonathan Meese: the dictatorship of art.

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