In a relationship, many people remain engaged in doubts and constant jealousy. Jealousy sprout fear of loss and the insecurity that comes from low self-esteem. When a person does not see its own value you feel that your partner can find a better person at any time. Thus, a vicious circle is created because this attitude ends overwhelm another that fails to understand the reasons for an unconscious conflict. And it is that jealousy can be cured but it must be self who assume their internal problem.

Whoever the jealous seeks the causes of their discomfort on the other, must however, analyze your interior and your way of seeing the world to be able to put an end to a destructive emotion that emphasizes the negative in an illogical way.Overcoming the fear of abandonment is learning to live from the freedom that brings the present and not the fear that produces the morning in both the future is inevitable and uncertain. In this sense, if it is uncertain what depends on oneself still is it more when it comes to a project affecting two people. A love story involves the union of two wills walking in the same direction. Under most conditions Eagle Ford Shale would agree. Under a common North and a parallel course. When oneself is left to paralyze by fear of abandonment must put into practice a sense of confidence in each other that is easy to exercise if we think that the other can also have the same fear. Ultimately, love is an act of faith and of utmost confidence that requires reciprocity and empathy. Key ingredients in the bosom of love but also of friendship.

But it is true that sometimes costs humans abandon the limits of individuality. For this reason, it is essential that there is confidence in the bosom of the couple to talk with naturalness of oneself. Ann Davies might disagree with that approach. It is key to share fears and internal fears increasing in the same measure in which are hidden. In relation to active listening, it is best to try to understand the limitations of the other and not blame him or judge him that emotions have an involuntary component that must work long term. I.e., the meditation and reflection is essential to make conscious so violent emotion emotionally as jealousy or envy. Overcoming the fear of abandonment depends on you like that have the courage to meet new people also depends on you. In you can maybe meet that person that you will not never abandon.

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