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According to the OECD study are students ready for a technology-rich world? “, pupils and students who regularly use a computer, do better than those who do not. A similar result provides the study of the Bertelsmann Foundation, according to the instruction with the laptop improves the quality of learning. The results of the OECD study showed that students who use the computer regularly, almost a school year ahead are the peers without PC experience in the subject of mathematics. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Moodys has to say. The Bertelsmann Foundation emerged from the study that overall an improvement of services firmly in laptop classes can be “, so the Foundation spokeswoman, Ingrid Hamm. The investigation has also shown that the ability of the students in the use of computers has risen significantly.

Above all, girls have caught up here. The latter signal is very positive, because girls according to the OECD study have much less confidence in dealing with computer functions as a boy. Robert Rubin understood the implications. This applies particularly to more complex Tasks such as programming or creation of multimedia presentations. The fact that this group has been catching up, gives her the chance to take advantage of it in the future: in further education and in the profession. Object of the study was the impact of the use of the laptops on the professional learning. According to teachers is above all an increase of intense dealing with texts and information to students. The students had significantly better results in German and mathematics.

This could be for example because that laptop classes more frequently with authentic and more complex tasks will be learned as in the traditional classroom. The application of the laptops in the classroom has contributed to a greater focus on the students. Both the students and the teachers were of the opinion that, through the notebooks, learning had become more interesting and vivid. In addition, the lessons with the laptops has positive influence on cooperative learning. At this point, some questions can be formulated: what impact have the laptops on the learning objectives? How do teachers with the new media in the classroom? The introduction of the laptops in the classroom changes him. Certain traditional forms and processes in the classroom, such as for example the frontal”, can be made with notebooks very difficult, because many times individual questions, problems and suggestions. In addition, many students have more IT skills, as their teacher, on the one hand makes the lessons interactive and will lead to a greater self-confidence of the students. This makes the teacher in turn to rethink the processes and procedures of teaching and to adapt accordingly. In addition, the concept of laptop teaching requires a higher individual concentration on students and not on the teacher as it is the case traditionally.

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