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But after a short time what scientists interested less in free belly tops from Cambridge cheer can happen: the ex-smokers among their 20,000 test subjects were given after the hormonal changes first and foremost a slim waist! Nevertheless, many smokers do not trust these unique evidence. For them, the BKK24 with the help of science wants to remove barriers. She has developed a combination of nicotine cessation, nutrition and movement on the basis of the Cambridge Research. “So it should be very much less likely in the first few months after quitting, that it butts against kilo have sweets and other substitute drugs” exchanges. “The program is called live 14 years longer” and takes into account the individual situation of each participant. Learn more about this way to the last cigarette, which is way much more for health, there’s phone 05724 9710 or in the Internet portal. Press contact BKK24 Sabine Schutte Sulbecker fire 1 31683 obernkirchen 05724 phone 971-223 longer better live with more services and excellent service with outstanding achievements and their service is excellent in customer surveys is one of the BKK24 for more than 125 years the most successful health insurance of in Germany.

Offers one of the most comprehensive packages to the health care their policyholders. These include among others free treatment at homeopathic contract physicians, free professional tooth cleaning and the top programme live 14 years longer on the basis of the European EPIC research. Together with partners in Berlin and throughout Germany she has developed training programs for weight loss, active leisure and numerous other fields of action. About the popular bonus program of the BKK24 contribution refunds are possible by several hundred euros!

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