Body Balancing

As you know, in addition to the physical body, consisting of muscle, bone, joints and tendons, we have a more subtle bodies, which are closely related to the physical body, and if one of them goes out of balance, all the rest and come into balance. International Energy Agency recognizes the significance of this. For thin bodies include the energy body, which includes our feelings, emotions, feelings, sensations. But such categories as luck (bad luck), the success of the problems around us people and their attitude towards us shape our situational body. Additional information at Nord Stream supports this article. Now let's look at how imbalance in one of the bodies entails an imbalance of the other two. For example, a person prone to outbursts of anger.

Familiar situation for all of us, right? What is anger? This is an internal fire, which displays energy body out of balance. If a man will not work on the control of his emotions, he soon noticed that people around him become more irritable and angry, aggressive, and little contact. There were problems, but everything that surrounds us – a reflection of ourselves, our inner world. If the balance is not restored, may begin to malfunction of the liver (the liver – Large capacity of anger), for the fire (anger) begins burned body from the inside (on the physical plane). It must be understood that any disease is usually never comes suddenly, unexpectedly. It's always a long way – from health to disease, which body is constantly indicates that there was an internal failure. First, it can be in the form of reduced working capacity, fatigue, sleepiness.

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