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Second – governance is based on data and facts, not based on assumptions that may happen with a certain probability. Third – focus on the process, a constant process control, process improvement, process improvement. The entire production cycle can be divided into processes, identify process and manage them – is based on a process approach to management. Fourth – proactive (anticipatory) control, we do not expect that could happen, and has warned the possible changes. The fifth – without the cooperation Borders, the total erasure of barriers, openness to cooperation, transparency of production for both customers and providers. And the sixth final – continuous improvement, (this is the Deming, any process improvement Quality goes to the continuous improvement), and normal condescending attitude to failure, setbacks to be overcome, and extract lessons from them. If we consider the theory of six sigma, we can see that the introduction of this a process of continuous quality improvement should be done only with the top. Only a strong leader with the authority may, under continuous efforts to implement Six Sigma methodology.

And so it happens. Heads of departments are guided through the course of Six Sigma, where they are not just theory and diplomas, they get the belt, like martial arts – a black belt, green belt. Black Belt's most successful under receiving a black belt, his owner is only concerned with improving the quality of the projects, without being distracted to any other responsibilities. This hierarchy allows to provide the staff involved in the quality of their advantages in that they are outsiders invited consultants from the outside, they have worked at the plant, they know its principles, and they do not need to introduce from scratch with all the processes occurring in the enterprise, and they are well zamotivirovanny because the success of the enterprise – this is their personal success. The method of six sigma is a native of Motorola and General Electric. Using the method of Six Sigma in the number of marriages dropped to one million products three to four defects, ie, the barrier is passed fifty defects per million products. What new techniques will bring us the quality control will be known to us later that they appear – this is unique, if we can reduce number of marriage to one per million or ppm, and a billion, it will be another production will not fall airplanes, deny the brakes in the cars, the car will run for years without repairs, it's all waiting for us in near future, let us improve our production and all will be well.

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