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You want to buy one notebook, but she does not know to the certainty as to choose with as many options of mark and available functions in the market. The first step is to know so that you will go to use the machine? It goes to use edition programs of images? It goes to only use texts and to sail in the Internet? It has this first question in its head and uses to advantage the tips: Screen: The screens of notebooks are of LCD, that is the case most common or of LED, are already a more modern screen and the difference is the quality of the image. The quality of the screens influences in the duration of the battery, of LCD they spend more battery that of LED, however notebooks with LED screens is more difficult of being found and its value more is also raised, being ideal for who it works with edition of images, therefore the screen is with more brightness and the colors most alive. Size: The doubt to buy one notebook or one netbook passes for many people. The difference between them is that netbooks is perfect computers for who does not want to load much weight. The screen normally it is of 7 and 10? it does not possess entered USB, plates of video and reader of DVD, but some marks already are disponibilizando netbooks with these resources. Internet: The advantage of if buying one notebook is to obtain to connect the independent Internet of where it is.

It looks for in the information if the device possesss a plate of Wi-Fi to connect itself without handles. If notebook beyond the Wi-Fi will have an exit ethernet is possible if to connect through a handle, that is useful case the place where you will take its device does not possess a connection without wire. Operational system: The majority of the computers leaves plant already with the Windows system, that is used nowadays. The original system leaves the device most expensive, but some marks bet in the Linux system, however if you only know to use the Windows you go to face certain barrier of beginning, therefore the Linux is a completely different system of the Windows. Then before buying it makes a test of navigation and all the resources of this new system.

Memory RAM: How much bigger memory, more easily the programs will be executed in its notebook, the recommendation is that it is of 2GB or more. Hard disk (HD): Here the more better, choice at least with 160 GB.Bateria: Essential item for who wants mobility, the battery of 9 cells costumam to last well more than of 4 cells that arrive to last in the maximum 1 hour detached from the electric net without depending on wires and taking. In contrast of the PC where we can change the parts, notebook is not possible. Therefore it searches and it buys what better to serve for you, evaluate which item in the configurations of its notebook are better for you and make a good purchase.

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