Cars Test Drive Unlimited

Using to advantage the current fashion of the opened, popularized for Grand Auto Theft and innumerable worlds RPGs online, in Test Drive Unlimited the player has freedom to explore any region of the hawaiian island of Oahu. The brilliant armors of the RPGs give to place to the brightness of the Ferraris and the sound of the snores of the engines. The 1,600 kilometers of asphalt offer hundreds of challenges, clubs, store tuning and concessionaires with the coveted machines more of the planet. The player disembarks in Oahu with 200 a thousand dollars in the pocket. Although the money to be enough to rent an car and to buy the first housing, Enzo Ferrari, Koenigsegg CC8S, Lamborghini Murcielago, Saleen S7 Twin-Turbo and other cars of the classroom are distant dreams. Surplus to acquire a modest classroom F, a Audi TT Quattro Sport, for example, and to start to run to increase the account in the bank.

Through an aerial map of Oahu, access to all is had the challenges: tests of race, speed and time are traditional of the sort. Already the group of the missions includes boleias, delivery of merchandises and devolution of vehicles for the purchasers. In the generality, them they can be repeated infinitely, but some are of only conclusion in compensation are the ones that more relieve. The known localities already, whose icons are cloudy in ecr of the map, can be visited with one to press of button. Already those where the player did not pass no time appear semitransparent and are necessary to lead until there, later pass to be treated as visited place already. A GPS assists the player during the passage and informs verbally where street to enter. It is an intelligent way to consider a stroll for the island, as well as in the passages of the missions. The moderate difficulty of the tests of speed and missions are e, in almost all, the challenge biggest are to find the car appropriate.

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