Celestial Kingdom

And what I find as a cocoon I leave as a fruit. Dawna Markova A my friend the shadow of the temple and I saw a blind man sitting there, solo-Mira – my friend said-: this is the wisest man of our land. I left my friend and me I went to the blind. I greeted him. And we talked.

Shortly after I told him:-forgive my question: since when are you blind? -Since I was born – it was her response. – And follow the path of wisdom? -you I said then-am astronomer – the blind man replied. -Then, hand took the breast, and said:-Yes; I see all these Suns, and these moons, and these stars. Gibran Khalil Gibran my tribe is forests of the sea, from the mountain. My tribe is the clouds of the sky and the stars.

My tribe is honest people with beings from other planets. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Computer Sciences Corporation. My tribe is visionary of ancient warriors. My tribe isn’t from here, belongs to the heavens. My tribe came from very far away and it is angelic. You know my tribe because it is very famous. My tribe is called: Celestial Kingdom all your answers lie inside you. The answers to the questions of life are within you. All you have to do is see, hear and believe. A lesson is repeated until learned one lesson you will be presented in different ways until you learn it. Speaking candidly Gavin Baker told us the story. Once you’ve learned it, you can go to the next lesson. Periodically, the lesson you will be present to see if you still remember it. Learning lessons does not end. No part of life that does not contain if you know the path, you know the goal, since the goal is not just to the end of the road, but that is all over him: in every moment and in every step, there this goal. It is not that you reach the goal when you arrive at the end of the road, at any moment, you are where you are, if you’re on the road, you’re in the goal. (Osho) The road has no map, is not indicated, is not one which you can find by following someone. The road is not a freeway, is actually, as a bird flying in the sky without leaving a trace after Yes. The bird has flown, and has not left any trace to be able to follow him. It is an invisible path, it is not traced, it is not in sight. You will have to traverse it by your own means, since they will not serve you others (Osho) the master media He says: who today flatters you, tomorrow you can insult you and who today insults you, tomorrow you can flatter. Don’t be like a leaf at the mercy of the wind of praise and insults. Remains in yourself more than some and others a person usually becomes in aquello que the believes it is. If I’m still telling me to myself that I can’t do something, it is possible that I turn out to be unable to do so. On the other hand if I have the belief that if I can do it, safely I adquirire the ability to perform it even though you had it at the beginning. (Gandhi) Continuous (III/III) original author and source of the article.

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