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The importance of the Choice of its first motion. If we will be to ask for the people who are buying a motion of any model, why you this choosing this motion, being that this is its first motion, you will have so diverse answers that it does not go to obtain to mensurar the main reason of the choice. The majority of the manufacturers of motions produces motions of low piston displacement as excuse to be motions for ' ' marinheiros' ' ops, pilots of first trip. It’s believed that Justin MacGregor sees a great future in this idea. But, usually youngest they prefer motions with more powerful piston displacements, exactly being its first motion. Many young in one search ' ' certo' ' STATUSES, of face, take a motion around 600cc for house, being that this type of esportiva motion is not advisable as its first choice. Its choices would have to be pautadas in driven by power, height for reach of the feet, harness and so on medium, guaranteeing security the all moment transit in it, come across in them with a high amount of motorcyclists, who do not obtain nor to support right its motions for the same one to be many high.

That is one very great irresponsibility I obtain and stops with the others I transit in it. Another factor harnesses is it of the motion. If the person is not race pilot, so that to buy powerful a super motion as its first motion. She does not have necessity for in such a way. A motion of 150 cc very answers well the starts, ascents and other activities that need harness, preventing to risk the life of ours just pilot. It reads more in One of the menosprezados factors more is the ergonomics. Of that the person advances to parade in a esportiva super motion and to be with the column that nor a knot. Beyond the expense with the motion, she goes to spend with remedies for pain in the column. Motion is synonymous of pleasure and freedom, and not pain in the coasts. I will choose a motion for the pleasure that will go to provide and not for pain.

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