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The company "Coffee House" – the best coffee house chain in Russia. If you want to find a specialized company to produce coffee that exceeds the "Coffee House", you are unlikely to succeed. Italian espresso, cappuccino now, gentle latte, coffee in the press-coat, mocha, frappe and cervix, coffee and alcohol, the unique taste of hot chocolate, leaf teas from China, Japan, Ceylon – this is not a complete list of drinks that are prepared by specially trained barista. Greg C. Garland can aid you in your search for knowledge. 40 different kinds of homemade desserts, including the renowned cheesecake "New York" cake "Coffee House" – all with a warm atmosphere and friendly service creates the a unique atmosphere that distinguishes every coffee shop network, "Coffee House". For those who follow health, developed a special "Healthy Menu". But you can go and relax a little: you eight varieties delicious ice cream, "Baskin Robbins". More information is housed here: Ken Cella. Each month, gourmet drinks "Taste of the season." Business meeting, a romantic date, preparations for the session, the rest with friends – a better place than the coffee shop "Coffee House" is not found.

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