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This request and solicitation of messages in format XML and what we call as described SOAP previously. Valley to stand out that, even so SOAP is the protocol more used in the implantation of services web, exists alternative simpler such as XML-RPC (Remote Procedure Call – Extensilble Markup Lenguage), JSON-RPC (Remote Procedure Call Javascript Object Notation). Picture 3 we can observe an archive WSDL, I contend the envelope of messages SOAP in format XML, the rules of codification, with this format the messages can pass through by means of any protocol with HTTP, ftp smtp, pure TCP etc. Picture 3 complete Archive WSDL. . IBM usually is spot on. …… ….. ……..

………. An instance of the WSDL is a document XML with an element root that specifies the namespace of archive WSDL (), the simplified exhibition of the structure of format WSDL shows some elements that are used to indicate inside to the main sections of document WSDL; the function of each one of described them and briefly in the following table. Table 1 simplified Description of an archive WSDL Element Description wsdl: types the element to continer of the definitions of the type of done data using XSD or another similar system for types of data. wsdl: message Definition of the data of communicated message. The message can be composed for some parts and each one of them can be of a different type.

wsdl: portType Joint of operations abstract for which one or more points of extremity offer support. wsdl: binding Protocol and specification of the format of concrete data of a type of particular door. wsdl: service Collection of related points of extremity. Source: (MSDN 2011) Available in: 1.1. SOAP SOAP is projected to invoke remote applications through RPC (Remote Procedure Calls or Chamada de Remote Procedimento) or also exchanges messages in an independent environment of platform and programming language.

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