At the present time, as the owners of the camera and in front of the masters of service centers, are increasingly question the advisability of repairing a damaged camera. It's safe to say that the time spent the repair of film cameras (shoot cameras) economically feasible. Owners of such cameras can only advise to find a private or a master craftsman, who for the sake of pleasure, but not for the money, take up repair of the camera. As for today's digital cameras, they can be divided into categories: digital-to-soap dishes, costing 3 to 8tys. rub., stylish digital cameras cost from 8 to 15 thousand rubles., semi-professional cameras from 15 to 25tys. rub., professional cameras worth more than 25tys. rub Based on the foregoing, we can say that digital cameras are quite expensive, so the question arose: "Repair or buy new?", The owner of the camera decides to "Repair". So that the service issues of digital cameras quite relevant.

Overruns, which characterizes the performance of repairs cameras, can be avoided if properly and efficiently organize all work, so that turned out to be quite reasonable cost in both time and money on replacement of failed components. In this case, it is not about haste in the work. Haste and repair cameras are incompatible concepts. The Constitution and the circuitry cameras are complex, and even an experienced master, who behind more than one hundred refurbished cameras, haste in the work will only lead to increased costs in both time and money. It is a competent use of available instruments, the necessary service documentation, effective organization of the order the necessary components, the availability and timely completion of a warehouse studio "running" parts. Only in this case, we can provide a reasonable amount of camera repair for the owner, and shop accordingly to make a profit. Do not write too much here that is often spare parts for repair cameras are supplied as a complete unit, ie, lens assembly, not a separate component of the concept (IC, transistor, transformer, etc.), and the fees in general. It is important to time, in the process of repair, to determine the need to replace the node, the possibility of his order, price and delivery time to inform owner of the device, to tell him the final cost of repair and, if his consent to continue.

In case of refusal mass content of saved time, effort and money. Our studio provides services in repair of photographic equipment. The material on our site is focused mainly on the owners of cameras. Here you can find detailed descriptions of common faults, many of which are accompanied by photographs. For example, a fault in a digital camera, Sony DSC-F717 associated with the failure of the ccd matrix. After reading the description of the defect and looking at the pictures, the camera owner will realize that the picture on its display and the quality of Photos are not connected with the camera settings. Also on the site publishes a variety of tips for users.

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