The difficulties found in the research previously cited are the same ones faced for the majority of the individuals that join of some form the theater with the practical EA in its, as we can find in Anseloni (2006). It is important to detach still the care not to reduce the practical ones that they involve the theater and the EA to the moralizante adestramento and a way for reproduction of preset models. 4. Consideraes Final ' ' The function of the art is not to pass for opened doors, but to open doors fechadas' ' (Ernerst Fischer) Corroborating with Leff (2007) and Grn (1996) gives credit that the ambient crisis is a crisis of the characteristic knowledge of the thought occidental person, of the world too much impregnated of reason and utilitarismo. The result of this paradigm distanciou the man of the nature, as well as distanciou the science of the art. Soon, the challenge to work the human being in all its dimensions, also the artistic one (sensible), is urgent for the seen EA the ambient complexity that the current societies are inserted.

In search to transpose these challenges some individuals have joined the art to its practical of EA and detected its potentials, difficulties and limitations. The art opens a world of possibilities, mainly in the context of the current societies hardened by the cientificidade of the knowledge, revealing also as a tool for overcoming of the fragmented vision of world which generates diverse difficulties in making of the EA. However valley to stand out that the art is not only the half one to carry through the education of the sensible one although its enormous potential for such. education of the sensible one through the art prepares the individuals a look/to be in the world most creative, transforming, totalizante, beautiful balanced e, basic questions in the society construction more sustainable jousts and.

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