Coyote Linux

How to build a Router with coyote linux: 1st, I guess that if you are here it is because you got the need for a router, you can buy a commercial one or take advantage of an old PC that you have unused. With a PC that has at least 16 Mb reaches you. Even with less with other versions of linux which I will publish at a later time. Materials needed: 1 PC with 16 Mb RAM (note that I do not clarify processor to use, has 16Megas reaches. If he manages to get 16 megs on a 386 will work safe!) 2 Plates of network (almost any plate) 1 3 1/2 floppy drive (and a diskette) keyboard and Monitor, usually only to configure, then not used more. Manos a la Obra: there are several linux that allow you to assemble a router, we will start with the more easy: coyote linux.

Coyote page says you need 32 megs, I did them to operate with less and there were no problems. You must lower generator boot diskette, unzip and run the coyote.exe file, the first data that asks you is the IP to be the linux and the other PCs in the network be used as gateway or gateway. If you do not have an extensive network already armed and that you have to respect the existing IP range, can leave which has by default. We are going to the next screen. Then it asks for a password, you should put something, even if you use it only in your home or cyber. The 3rd screen asks you on a syslog server, which would be the IP address of a PC running a soft lifting logs from the linux, very interesting to control whom or who want to enter from outside our network. You can leave blank. You can put an IP internal or external, usually I put a high internal IP, it does not affect the functioning that is this IP on the network or not.

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