Targeted user groups take apps and Web sites under the magnifying glass of carrot village, 26 March 2013 who could know better, what potential users of a software expect, as the users themselves? Now the imbus AG with the crowdsourcing approach offers a realistic and very fast way to test Web pages and apps for mobile devices, smartphones, and tablets to their user experience. The service represents a useful supplement to professional test methods. The principle is as uncomplicated as flexible: the test tasks are taken over by a group of Internet users (crowd). Here, the crowd can be so put together that it reflects the audience expected for the product representative E.g. in relation to their age group or professional background.

The selected testers will then deliver the raw material on the basis of a professional Test Manager evaluates the test result and puts together with their feedback. A meaningful error and usability report is delivered to the customer and he get it derived recommendations for action. The Test Manager is available throughout the process as a fixed contact person for the customer. He takes over the monitoring and given the quality of the test result. Reviews, screenshots and videos make transparent and comprehensible the results for the customer. Use the crowdbasierten procedure to smartphones, tablets and desktops with all relevant operating systems (IOS, Android, and Windows phone on Mac OS and Linux to Windows 8) and be tested on all major browsers (chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari). The script or the use cases to be tested be coordinated with the customer prior to assaying. The test cycles are perfectly scalable and ready to use within 24 hours.

Crowdtesting can not replace professional test methods and the already existing in-house QA of the app maker but it complements it. Especially in the cases where a fast feedback from the target group of users is important. The Crowdtesting service both the prototype and usability check to the benchmarking with competitive applications as well as as acceptance test on.

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