Although it seems that the human being is the culprit for all ' ' falha' ' , being last the involved one in the action, this ' ' falha' ' it starts exactly in the project of construction of a technological system, problem is that these imperfections of project and construction are numerous and generally, erroneamente, understood as imperfections of the user. What it occurs they are certain components of the system? as complexity and perigos? to place the user in situations, in which he is not possible to carry through successfully some actions, as projected, diminuinado the risks. The errors of the operators in some technologies are forced by the proper technology and its conditions, beyond the knowledge that if has of the proper technology. Thus, the risk always will have and be an human factor, this contribution human being for the risk can be understood, be evaluated and quantified applying techniques of the preliminary analysis of risks, for example. You may want to visit Stephen Willis to increase your knowledge. The human risk is defined, then, as the probability of that a set of action is executed successfully in an established time or one determined chance, that is, he will never be 100%, or perfect without no risk or fatality, but the knowledge and the agreement assist in the prevention of the damages. At this moment, the preliminary analysis of the risks is basic to prevent problems in the protection of the information systems. The necessary executor to have knowledge on the methods and the actions established for initial analysis, as well as on the used technology, in case that contrary all the threats that the system will acometer, will be classified as human being fails, and can itself be said that she really is. The responsible ones for the risks are the main operators, because they are directly involved, but will be the preparation and the qualification in relation the technological analysis on the project that will determine the responsible one.

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