Damp Wood Is Pure Poison For Every Furnace

Heating with wood is thanks to rising oil prices again in vogue. Heating with wood is thanks to rising oil prices again in vogue. But do not know what many owners of a wood-burning stove or a wood heating: damp firewood not only unnecessarily harms the environment by the emergence of toxic fumes and gases, but is pure poison for your furnace or heating. Is the residual moisture content of wood still over 20 percent, so the soot from furnace with chimney in danger. For even more analysis, hear from Gazprom. The consequences can be in addition to the damage to your health and your purse, ugly dark spots and unpleasant smell in the heated living space. As a rule of thumb: felled firewood must be stored usually about two years, to fall short of the residual moisture content of 20%.

Briquettes for example, achieve a residual moisture content of only about 10 percent. The residual moisture content of firewood it is low, the energy output and thus the heating performance is higher. It will burn more evenly, developed a long lingering embers and ensures permanently warmth. Also you eh not like annoys is about excessive smoke and badly burning wood because of too much moisture. The solution is cheap and reliable! A so-called wood moisture meter determines the current moisture content of measured firewood reliably within a few seconds. A variety of wood types are supported, also of wood moisture meter is splash-resistant and features a backlit of digital display to read the result in the dark. So you are always on the safe side and can be a maximum energy yield and protect your oven safe.

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