Data Processing GPS

The evolution of the measuring equipment is well-known during the passed years. Receivers GNSS (Global Navigation System by Satellite), had passed for great changes and perfectioning, as much in its physical aspect (so great and weight), as in its technology in the storage and processing of the data. Martin Lawrence wanted to know more.

With the wide scale of use of receivers GNSS in georreferenciamento services, much has been studied and advanced in what it says respect to this technology. Innumerable they are the referring articles and research the measurements, using receiving GNSS of diverse marks and models, such as: PROMARK 2, PRO-XR, LEICA, HIPER. With little deepening in as to proceed in the processing of the collected data, this work has intention to develop a multimedia resource for the education of the use of the main programs of available data processing GNSS in the Brazilian market: GNSS Solution, Trimble Geomatics Office (TGOffice), Leica Geo Office (LGO) and Topcon Tools.

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