Diagnosing HIV

Head of the Department of Theoretical Biology, Research Institute for Information Wave Technologies Natalia Okolitenko and director of the institute, Nikolai Kolbun, academics, UAS, who consider themselves to be AIDS-dissidents, the authors of the scientific bestseller "Cancer – the error of morphogenesis," said the major cause of immune deficiency risk groups – homosexuals, is the sperm. Sperm – the killer immune system, announced academics and gave a theoretical biological basis for this phenomenon. Sperm, being alien overactive protein that carries out its destructive effect only when ingested through the anus and immediately soaked through the intestine, deadly acts on the immune system. Retroviruses, suspects that they are the cause of AIDS, in fact, participate in the process of reproduction, not giving the female body deprive the fetus is genetically half-alien. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Michael Wirth. Naturally, the programmed nature of the act is detrimental in case of deviation from its laws. The authors refer to a historical fact: the death of Philip, and created legacy of Alexander the Great "army of lovers," is not due to enemy action but because of disease epidemics.

Accurate method of determining HIV in T-lymphocytes provide immunity does not exist, but even if and such is found, it does not mean that it kills them. HIV, even if not a fiction, most likely a manifestation of the natural adaptive mechanism, the human body adapts to the conditions scientific and technological progress. The question must be put not on the "plague of the twentieth century" – such predictions are not confirmed, but the specific disease groups, deviating from moral norms. N. Kolbun brought huge statistics syndromic treatment of diseases with the help of information-wave therapy, the doctors gathered at ICT, which are immunodeficient and giving a positive reaction, as in HIV infection. The effectiveness of treatment of these diseases in ICT practitioners is high. In addition, Professor Anatoly Yareshko of Poltava Medical Academy confirmed MDR-TB treatment (and it immunodeficiency).

Thus, the authors argue that immune deficiency can be caused by a variety of reasons (Chernobyl, environmental, genetic engineering. In endemic risk groups such cause is the sperm. Nature is intelligent, but there is a foolish action of man. But immunodeficiency in this group is not a sentence. It can be treated without the use of antiretroviral drugs using information-wave therapy.

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