Digital Capacity

Western Digital has announced its new hard disk of 2.5 inches and 1 TB of capacity that comes to double the capacity of previous models of 500 GB, until today the broader market. The Western Digital Scorpio Blue 1TB has the huge disadvantage of having a height of 12.5 mm, so we can not use it in numerous notebooks are only compatible with discs of 9.5 mm. Next to him has been also presented another disc of the same characteristics but with a capacity of 750 GB. With these presentations, Western Digital is positioned with a clear advantage over its most direct competitor, Seagate, to reaching the goal of the tera in disks of notebooks. It remains to be seen how long it takes the own Seagate in follow the trail of WD and reach this astronomical capacity, unthinkable by many a handful of years ago. As expected, these hard drives from WD 2.5 inch 750 GB and 1TB SATA2 interface feature. In terms of prices and dates of availability, the largest 1 TB, WD10TEVT, model It will begin to sell for $250, too high a price for the current market, even more so if we take into account that I myself bought a 500 GB WD a few months ago for about 100 euros. As for the 750 GB model, WD7500KEVT, will cost $190. Both models are now available in United States and come to Spain and the rest of the world in the coming days.

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