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Equipment proposed to be renewed at University of Carabobo, which has now lost its way and lead them along this path of processing required to rescue the academic and research excellence, have a more active involvement with the various problems facing the country, region as has the talent, human capital for it. It is very true what the Prof. Reyes Lanza said, it is a commitment of a strategic nature, where the retired teacher has responsibility with authority to be protagonists of their own destiny. You can not continue to forget or omission, nor the continuity of the same small group of people who are appealing property of the University of Carabobo is an institution of all that should be strengthened by all.

For this it is necessary to participate, and we can do from the assertion of autonomy, the consolidation of the academy and the practice of democracy as expressed in the alternative, to prioritize social spending in all members of the university community. The new authorities that they intend to lead the University led by prof. Reyes Lanza proposes seven proposals to move forward, they are: Reaffirming the independence, quality of teaching and research as a proper expression of the academy; Budget made known to all; prioritize investment in the people, decentralizing decision-making quality life students and increasing student enrollment through the use of new technologies. It is noted that such proposals to be analyzed in its content, which was not presented in this article for reasons of space, show a serious commitment of the candidates to lead the changes that the university claims to be operating according to its mission , a vision that the University has established its principles and show a possibility to change that and encourage diversion to rescue what has been previously conducted in order to try him on that path this demand, more turbulent stage Steeped in threats, opportunities that can not be ignored. I expect that The team that is backing these new changes play a proactive role, without getting caught by the figuration, which really ensure academic excellence and research, university involvement in solving the serious problems currently being faced and that keep its doors open to democratic self-expression that opportunity to university community to express views and proposals to collaborate with institutions that support the development of the country. They are given opportunities to provide feedback on the large faults, eliminate serious defects facing the university and give way to programs, plans, strategies, actions to make the University of Carabobo one of the best in the country and the new Latin American continent is reborn.

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