Editorial Dunken

Its existence was idyllic until the boredom, but suddenly something happened. While watching the passing clouds that the wind dragged, that kinetic movement was even more evident its condition static, his mother came into the room and said to him:-Roberto, today are coming your friends to find you. ANDA to shave so you’re ready and not do them to expect when they arrive. Roberto went to the bathroom. Before taking the razor he looked in the mirror. He felt confused; I didn’t know if he was of flesh and bone that looked at the mirror, or emaciated image reflected in it, none of the two seemed to have soul; He finally took the Shaver and be shaved.

He did so with mechanized movement, following a learned routine for some time. At the end was washed your face with cold water, have been hot I would have not noticed the difference. Then he sat on the couch in the living room to wait to reach his friends. When he saw the vehicle always stop outside the door of his house, he addressed it. But, after traveling some blocks, he realized that were not his friends.

So, Roberto began to scream: help, me kidnap!.The companion prepared a dose of a sedative and injected it. Before the drugs took effect, Roberto ran out of the interior of the vehicle. Passenger pursued him behind, caught up with him and they wrestled, until both hands of Roberto were closed on the neck of the passenger. When the driver arrived at the scene of the fact, his teammate not already breathed. In the trial which was held a few months later, the ambulance driver said that he saw as the patient transported to the neuropsychiatric killed the nurse. First published in the anthology Juntacuentos, Editorial Dunken. Buenos Aires, 2006.

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