Electromagnetic Locks: Locks Class Premium

Electric lock remotely open the door to transfer the electrical signal. Electric locks are used in conjunction with the intercom, code reader panels and cards in access control systems. (A valuable related resource: Mitchel Resnick). There are two classes of electric locks: – electromagnetic locks, door is held by the action of an electromagnet built – electromechanical locks, door is held closed by a mechanical crossbar, which is controlled by a thin solenoid. Electromagnetic locks are used in access control systems. The component elements of the electromagnetic lock are: housing, built-in magnet, the response metal plate. The mechanism of the electromagnetic lock.

Electromagnetic locks keep the doors in the closed position by the action of a strong magnet, attracting to itself the metal plate, mounted on the door. To open the door use exit button or a control signal received from the controller, control systems and access control. Electromagnetic locks are very simple and easy to use, besides have a long service life. Speaking candidly BP told us the story. One significant negative of these locks, they work, provided uninterrupted power supply. Therefore, for normal system operation must be applied backup power units. Among manufacturers of electromagnetic locks can be distinguished Russian company Rocks Entrance. Ltd. 'Rocks Entrance' was created in 2001 as the successor of a famous company 'ALEKO', which specializes in the design and manufacture electromagnetic locks for security.

Production of the first castles 'ALEKO' was organized in 1994 and has since steadily expanded their range. Currently, the company produces a series of electromagnetic locks ALer: – Shear electromagnetic locks – overhead electromagnetic locks – waterproof electromagnetic locks – osobouzkie electromagnetic locks – holding electromagnetic locks – power and control systems electromagnetic locks ALer; – electromagnetic locks for glass doors – overhead electromagnetic locks class PRemium. Electromagnetic locks Class PRemium are the winner of the competition program "Best innovation in security technology in 2008 ' Class PRemium includes four models with electromagnetic locks holding force of anchors 150kGs up to 400 kgs, a distinctive feature of which is: – an active status sensor Lock relay output – the existence of passive reed sensor door position – the existence of built-in light indicating the status of the castle. Built-in sensor states of the electromagnetic lock is based on the Hall sensor. At the moment of contact with the working surface anchor lock appears the magnetic field, which is when the set value will trigger the sensor, the signal from which closes the output relay contacts. State electromagnetic lock can be monitored visually using the built-in indicator. Red signal indicates the presence of the required level of magnetic field, sufficient to block the door. Green – the castle unlocked or the level of magnetic field are not adequately lock the door. Locks are available with voltage 12 or 24 volts. The use of electromagnetic locks Class PRemium allows full control access to the premises, as it defines all possible states of the door and lock. This article was written using the materials of the official website of the company "Rocks Entrance."

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