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The software can be installed on a USB stick and can from there – without further installation – on any laptop, NetBook or desktop PC – a helpful USP, which clearly pays in terms of flexibility and mobility of the Freelancer. The new synchronization feature further simplifies mobile working of the user that data can be updated now just between computer and Smartphone/PDA a SyncML server. Europe Association of self-employed workers – Germany e.V. (ESD): the European Association of self-employed workers – Germany e.V. (ESD) “is the partisan interests of self-employed persons, members of the free” Professions, small and medium-sized enterprises, commercial, industry and business associations and guilds. He represents 10,000 nationwide direct members and approximately 300,000 members of the associations affiliated to him. To the European Association of the self-employed Germany e.V.

information on the Internet at about Daisho blacksmith: the Daisho blacksmith GmbH, Munich, has developed a mobile and platform-independent software for personal information management (PIM) with project management functionality with DAISHO. The software is aimed at all those who project-oriented, flexible and mobile working – especially on Freelancer. The DAISHO productivity software includes a professional time management and contact management (CRM), organized the daily communication via an integrated E-Mail client (Skype connection also under Windows) and provides helpful tools such as quick notes and the management of different work environments. Functions for the structuring of tasks and projects, as well as the tracking of targets are the basis for an efficient personal project management. Worldwide the DAISHO of software has been downloaded already more than 30,000 times.

The DAISHO of PIM software can be installed on a USB stick and can be used on any laptop, NetBook or desktop PC without further installation from there. The software is based on Java and runs therefore easily with the appropriate version on Windows PCs, Apple Macs and Linux machines. The Sync feature you can synchronize the data between Smartphone/PDA and computer: so the contacts, calendar, tasks and notes are always up-to-date.

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