European Kinect

Definitely the sales speak for alone, because this Christmas video games that sent the stop were the PlayStation Move and Redmond kinect sensor for Xbox 360. These two are sweeping in sales, while the Nintendo Wii and the Wiimote are only sold in Japan and thousands of units in the European market. Both the one and the other have their points against and in favor, with that purpose I have written this article to get you out of the doubts you had if you have thought to buy a Xbox 360 Kinect console or a PlayStation Move. PlayStation Move: This is the new Sony remote control and is the one that more accurately has with respect to its competitors. In addition, they have announced an update in the coming weeks. Little by little coming not casual games to the console which will make you have to require you a little more of one form or another.

In some games the truth is that command goes missing. PlayStation Move has as negative point which is nothing more than a clone of the Nintendo Wii, but the bet has come good after selling about 4.1 million of units. Kinect: The device is news every day. Shall be any Xbox 360 games, to any platform and also works also on Windows, Mac and Linux. If you have an Xbox 360 console can you not miss, although the price will make you go from back, Microsoft intends to repay you for that reason with titles of height. The Pros of PlayStation Move and kinect: the price in the first and the second innovation ahead of your competition. Cons of Kinect and PlayStation Move: Move needs the two commands for a better experience and the cost is the great defect of the Kinect.

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