Faulty Washer Dryer! What Now?

Assistance with troubleshooting defects in the tumble of dryer is virtually indispensable in the winter at the present time. Even worse when then the device then goes on strike. But what can you do, the errors themselves are looking for and create spare parts themselves and change the necessary dryers, call repair service, or just create a new device. How you always decide. First, it is advisable to make yourself a few thoughts.

Here a short guide. The unit shows no function it may be that the device fuse has tripped. It is therefore quite logical first to check the power supply. If no instrument at hand, can you simply connect another device to the power outlet. Then, the settings on the program switch should be checked. If the dryer door is not closed correctly, the device can not start.

So, check whether the door is properly closed. The dryer drum motor is running but the drum is standing (noise) is in many cases Drive belt broken. Sometimes helps even a look under the dryer. A drive or poly V belt is a frequent source of errors and as tumble dryer spare parts in the relevant specialist quickly ordered and delivered. Also a restless running drum can indicate a worn poly belt. However, “Bela de error,” i.e. too much laundry come for in question. If trouble-free working dryer dries clothes but not really a dirty fluff filter the cause is common. But there are also operating errors such as incorrect setting in question. Strange grinding noises are caused by broken drum bearing in many cases. Only after checking these points, you should think about a serious defect. Depending on the dryer type, then come error sources such as the heating, the thermostat, the fan or the electronics in question. Who has clarified these points, can decide better in not a few cases, what measures to be taken. Possibly necessary dryers are specialists for most makes of in local stores or on the Internet at the spare parts spare parts quickly available. All machine data from the type plate of the dryer is important to have. Hilpoltsteiner Gunther

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