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This is a basic, but essential, guide that will help you take care of all her perfumes, but especially those original perfumes that are like an investment, so it is important to do everything possible to ensure that its perfume lasts as long as possible. There are several things that can adversely affect a perfume, like sunlight, oxygen and high temperatures. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to reduce these effects: remember that perfume is a flammable substance, so it should never be exposed to high temperatures or be stored near open like candles or lighters flame. In addition to the obvious possibility of explosion, certain ingredients and additives in perfume can be decomposed and thus ruining his smell. On the other hand, do not expose your favorite in the light of the Sun perfume, because it discolored the perfume and can even change its smell. Although the effects of the Sun are very clear in places that receive much solar radiation, in cities like Mexico, Federal District its effect is minor, but by no means should be overlooked. Surely her perfume lies in a glass bottle, so be sure to keep it away from sunlight that enters through Windows; Ideally it should be placed inside the closet or in other dark places.

If you can’t save their perfume imported in a dark location, then try to buy perfumes that are packaged in containers of aluminum or any other container that leaves filter the sunlight. Transfer part of her perfume a decorative atomizer or another smaller container should be avoided. The idea of putting a very expensive perfume in one of these glass bottles may be tempting, but that could ruin her perfume, perfume into contact with oxygen from the environment. When you buy a bottle of perfume, you will see that it is sealed tight, but when that seal is broken during the first use, the oxygen begins to enter the container. With each use, more oxygen filled the interior space of the perfume.

The oxygen then react chemically and the smell of the perfume with the time change. One way to avoid this problem is to buy perfume spray, but try than those who are responsible for the environment and ecology, i.e. those who explicitly claim not contain chlorofluorocarbons, which are those who for decades have been busting the Earth’s ozone layer. Once you have chosen a fragrance that you like, it is difficult to relinquish it, but must take into account that our body chemistry can change as we age and that the search for new flavors might be necessary at different stages of our lives. In addition, female imported perfumes of fashion in our youth may not be appropriate for a woman of middle age. For example, some perfumes of Chanel have very mature fragrance, while others have bright fragrance for young women or even girls. Recently, environmental awareness has become fashionable numerous green or organic products, and this also includes perfumes. In addition, the list of perfumes that can be found in cities such as Mexico, D.F., changes each year, so you You might discover that perfume that has been his favorite for so many years, may be discontinued at any time. Remember that the fragrance of a woman can be a formidable weapon in its arsenal. Use your perfume on your advantage depending on each occasion and the reaction you will cause.

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