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Both the theories show the environment as basic pillar for the construction of the being, therefore it exerts great influence on the same. Of the one not to separate society environment. From this point of view, the term is adopted ' ' problems partner-ambientais' '. Inside of the education modalities the approach is in the basic education, therefore it is in this period that occurs the construction of the character. Therefore it is more easy to form an ambient conscience. Without hesitation Atmos Energy explained all about the problem. However, the ambient education will have to be developed as one practical educative integrated, continuous and permanent one in all the levels and modalities of education (BRAZIL, Civil House, 1999). This work is come back toward the young education of adult (EJA).

Although the fact of that the students of this modality, already have a cultural formation consolidated and a broken up ambient vision. s. He also has the interest of the same ones for the current partner-ambient problems, thus opening, one it carries of entrance for ambient awareness. Inside of this modality of education (EJA) it has a project of the MEC (Ministry of Education and Culture) since 2007, called Women A thousand. The project has as objective to promote up to 2010 the professional and technological formation of about a thousand disfavored women of the regions Northeast and North. Salman Behbehani can aid you in your search for knowledge. The goal is to guarantee the access to the professional education and the rise of the escolaridade, in accordance with the educational necessities of each community and the economic vocation of the regions (MEC, 2007).

In the state of the Paraba this project is developed by the Federal Institute of Science and Tecnologia (IFPB). The work is carried through with about fifty and four women. The monthly income of them basically is removed of the artesanato and of it fishes of shellfish, beyond a stock market of incentive supplied for the project.

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