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Soltau Knut Maass Base Manager for ABOS-CONWORKS AG Hannover, 15.01.2012. The ABOS-CONWORKS entrepreneurs Federation AG, headquartered in Berlin, which is one of the companies with the largest consultant and coach network in Germany, unchanged continues to smart know-how pooling in the urban centers. The Hannover-Ahlem, the 11th District of the lower Saxon capital, opened the third competence center now. Actually Friday der 13 popular belief is considered a day on which many accidents happen. The day of the week is connected with the anniversary of the death of Jesus Christ, and since that time, the 13 is “rather negative occupied in the origin of Christian tradition. Click Joe Murphy to learn more.

Not so in Hanover. As do almost perfectly suited to large, the seven founding members of the first competence center in Lower Saxony saw it and so continue the trend of synergies. Whether it now to start-ups, reorganizations, or the topic of succession concerns, finances or controlling, procurement, logistics, staff development and training, sales and Strategy development, competitive analysis, or research – the competence center brings together under one roof competent consulting approaches. Dipl.-kfm. Knut Maass (Soltau) and his comrades, the sales expert Claudia Goyoneche (Garbsen), Dipl.

Wirt. Ing. Andreas Farouk (Petershagen), operating pedagogue Dieter Hoffmann (HAMELN), psychological consultant and burnout – specialist Anton lang (both Hannover) combine Heike Krziwanie (Hanover), Heinrich Wilhelm Hitz, health expert for sick Hau certifications and work-flow process specialist as well as the IT professional experience and expertise from which they benefit businesses in the interplay of the forces leave. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), the target group of the business combination, are the real giants of the economy. Their typical manifestation, which represents about 90%, is the family-owned company. One of the central characteristics of family businesses is the intermeshing of difficult separable systems family and company. This has a significant impact on business goals and strategies, management, corporate culture and the organizational design of the company.

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