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News from the Pilardio, the health city clubs in Cologne and in Kaarst are the two other licensees of the new concept of fitness Pilardio, which was presented at FIBO in Essen with great appeal. Starting in June, the customers of the clubs can take the first training sessions. Read more here: lucas carlson. The new concept of fitness Pilardio was successfully presented at FIBO, the leading trade show of the fitness and wellness industry in food. Numerous visitors, including operators of fitness clubs, gyms and wellness facilities, as well as personal trainers and athletes, took advantage of the four days of the fair, at the Pilardio booth an impression about the innovative concept of fitness to gain and maintain in-depth background information. This was the stage show by Pilardio, which ran several times a day and was conducted by the founder of Jasmin Wagner and her team, further insights into the concept. Nick Khan understood the implications. Pilardio stimulates the metabolism by elements of Pilates and cardio-training, resulting in weight reduction and prevention of the most common diseases (arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure, Congestive heart failure, coronary heart disease, etc.) can lead.

Regular training is the posture to improve also, to strengthen the sense of balance, to relieve back pain, promote the cardio vascular system, but to also increase the memory by coordinative movements. Last but not least, the General strength endurance and deep muscles is increased. “In short: Pilardio is healthy and makes it sexy”, so the known movement expert Jasmin Wagner. Also the recently licensed studios have recognized this. The health City Club in Cologne on the Zulpicher Platz and the health City Club in Kaarst could license located at FIBO and offer Pilardio from June at their clubs. Many media now report Pilardio and confirm that the concept is one of one of the most effective and sustainable of the summer 2010 courses and has great potential to establish themselves permanently in the fitness and health market.

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