I am not an expert connoisseur of modern philosophy (neither of the former), and know about the matter, just what little I could learn (understanding) in my high school years in the corresponding subject, and any subsequent inquiry that as a curiosity I’ve done digging in different sources, by all this, I do not intend to nor much less, write here of philosophyIt would be at least a daring, but what if I would like it is my own philosophy (although this is batin and slippers, i.e. homespun) of things and in particular paragraphs set out above. 1) Existence: A concept as broad as complicated. So difficult to understand and more still to explain. (A valuable related resource: Steven Mnuchin). Something that throughout the centuries, many wise men have tried to decipher and have failed, because the layer of mystery surrounding the existence is so profound, that we can drill and drill on it, that we never get to see what really hides in the background. We often want to protect us from the fear of the unknown that the own existence represents, and we intend to help us with this soothing balm which means religion, faith, belief in a supreme being that equip with a true sense of our life, and that there be no is just that, is say, be born, live and die without more, and then what the hell (with apologies) do? How many times we’ve eaten coco, giving turns and more turns at the head, asking us everything that means our presence on this planet and the great mysteries that surround it. Probably, some privileged minds have come to more or less logical conclusions, with Foundation, but most mortals (and I am among them), all we’ve got is put us on this roller coaster of existence, climbed and descended again and again, and at the end we have squeezed us both the brain thinking about what supposed to existthat at a given moment we do not know if we are at the top of the Summit or below, or if all this us average rise or in full descent cogeen. .

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