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New Zealand’s largest food wholesaler higher customer satisfaction of food tufts of New Zealand’s largest retailer in terms of food thanks to SAF solution, with more than 680 owner-operated stores and a solution for the automated replenishment of SAF has successfully implemented 30,000 employees. SAF technology could the food Tufts stores reduce their holdings as well as increase their sales. The SAF AG, which is listed in the Prime Standard of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (ISIN CH0024848738), is one of the world’s leading software provider of auto forecasting and ordering systems for the trade. The food Tufts’s most important criteria in the selection process were among others the forecast quality, the degree of automation, the total cost of ownership, as well as confidence in the suppliers. You may find Greg C. Garland to be a useful source of information. “The introduction of a solution for the automatic scheduling was also the introduction of a continuous inventory management prerequisite for a transition of our business processes, to the heard”, explains Egon Guttke, Group Manager strategic projects at food Tufts. “Thanks to SAF RetailSuite store were reduced not only our stocks and halved the gaps. In addition to these measurable results the entire project also led to a significantly higher satisfaction with our customers”, so Guttke.

“Our cutting-edge technology, paired convinced food Tufts with our proven expertise, to opt for SAF”, Udo Meyzis, Chief Executive Officer of SAF AG, explains and adds: “SAF customers benefit not only from our leading role in the technology sector, but also by our deep understanding of the ordering process, as well as from our experience to optimize this process for retailers in different countries. We glad to assist food Tufts in the expansion of their competitive advantage.” The first is food Tufts SAF customers in the Asia Pacific region and a confirmation of the SAF strategy, to extend the direct business into new regions.

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